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A more holistic, co-operative approach could help businesses of all shapes and sizes with their automotive recruitment. With departments all working towards the same key performance indicators (KPIs) the process could be much easier and lead to better results.

One of the biggest issues businesses face is that recruitment teams are asked to recruit the most talented people to take on a myriad of roles but the HR department judges them on how long this takes. The problem is that generally finding the best people takes time so in achieving their goals the recruitment team could end up failing to meet what is required on them. A better strategy would be for everybody to be working towards the same thing.

Another advantage of aiming towards the same KPIs is it can provide a better experience for the people who take on roles following the recruitment cycle. This occurs because the HR departments should all be focused on the long term rather than simply getting candidates through the door. Development and training needs should already be mapped out to help achieve the overall goal of the business.

The key to better coordination of goals and performance is to ensure that recruitment and HR teams work together effectively rather than thinking of themselves as separate entities. This relatively simple change can really help to smooth out the recruitment and appointment process as well as assisting with better development and employee satisfaction.

At John Gibson Associates we can help businesses of all shapes and sizes with their automotive recruitment. The thing that sets us apart is we can adapt to suit different KPIs. We always work to deliver the maximum value and support clients in achieving their goals. This is a hallmark of our service and it has helped us to meet our very high standards.

In addition recruiting with us can also speed up the process substantially. We are well established and already have a database of talented prospective candidates to choose from. As a result you can save time with recruitment and still stand a great chance of finding the best person for the role. We also provide assurances against making an incorrect appointment with our six month guaranteed.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.