Aftermarket recruitment processes have great value

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At John Gibson Associates we work very hard to assist clients with their automotive recruitment. We can tailor services to suit any requirements and focus on attracting and selecting the very best candidates for roles. In addition we offer advice to companies in regards to how they can ensure each hire becomes a long term appointment.

Aftermarket recruitment processes are just as important as pre-recruitment ones. The idea is to ensure that the new member of your team is happy and gets the support they need. With this in mind you should be providing the correct training and development. This should be something you do on an ongoing basis so your employees are always learning and moving forwards.

One thing businesses should keep in mind is that starting a new job can include a lot of upheaval. Candidates may need to plan everything from child care to transportation and parking. Offering flexible working hours can really help with this. In addition you should make it clear that the new member of staff is perfectly welcome to consult with a manager or other member of your team if they have any issues.

Your recruiting cycle is not over when you choose a candidate to appoint. If you view it as such you can lose out on opportunities such as finding applicants who could be of interest to you in the future. You should continue to promote your company effectively, ensuring you are visible in the relevant places. That way people keep you in their mind.

Businesses should also maintain their relationship with any recruiter they work with. This is particularly important with us because we can offer all manner of useful aftermarket automotive recruitment services. For one we provide guarantees on candidates and will find a replacement if the hire does not work out.

If you would like reliable services to help you find the perfect candidates and get the best from your whole recruiting cycle John Gibson Associates is the company for you. Please get in touch to discuss your needs and find out more about the value we can add.