Affordable batteries could make electric cars available to everyone

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The sale of electric cars increased substantially in 2014, but in comparison to traditional vehicles that run on fuel, they are not as popular amongst consumers. The primary reason is the higher cost and charging power of their batteries. Supporters of the Electric Vehicle movement claim that high-speed charging technology is the way forward for electric cars, and a way for them to become the long-range alternative to conventional motor vehicles. The purpose of the EV is to offer an ecologically sound method of transportation, but consumers naturally focus equal attention on affordability and long-term value.

The phrase “game-changing’ is often used throughout the automotive industry with the continued emergence of new technologies. The team at MIT strive to advance knowledge and education in science and engineering for the future. A team of researchers have recently discovered an alternative way of manufacturing lithium ion batteries that is being touted as a genuine “game-changer”.

According to the research team, the process has the potential to become the model for the design and creation of future products. It could also reduce the cost of batteries for electric car owners. Scientists all over the world are experimenting with new battery chemistry, and when the team at MIT revisited the way lithium batteries are made, they discovered that 80% of the structure has nothing to do with electricity storage. By increasing the size of the electrodes, the team were able to pack much more storage capacity into the same space. The majority of industry observers claim that affordable and long-lasting batteries are needed to make electric cars accessible to mainstream buyers and to offer a viable alternative to the burning of fossil fuels.

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