A specialist recruitment company is a great choice

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Around the world, there are many well established job agencies offering their services to various industries. As reputable as these companies may be, agencies dedicated to a specific sector always win in regards to the level of candidates they present to their clients.

One of the reasons is that career oriented individuals are more likely to register with a specialised type of agency which will offer them with an opportunity for growth. This mode of operation does not only benefit candidates, but also the companies who hire them.

JGA is one of these agencies. We specialise in motor trade recruitment, and we are dedicated to serving the motoring industry’s requirements for sharp, enthusiastic, and diligent potential members of a team. When you come to us with a description for the ideal candidate, we’ll not only search our database of candidates but will also post the vacancy to attract external interest.

Our motor trade recruitment services are complete. After applications have been submitted we will filter those applicants which stand out, authenticate their CVs and conduct interviews to select a person we think is a perfect fit to fulfil the role.

All the candidates we put forward are guaranteed for 6 months, therefore if the person happens to be unsuitable or circumstances change we will provide you with another person we think is the right fit.

Our services are available all over the country, and our team of experts in the motor industry as well as in human resources are always available to bring you a personalised service, when you require it. Get in touch with us today and find out more about how we can bring you our assistance.