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In a number of past articles we have discussed skills shortages and how they are leaving many motor industry jobs unfilled. One reason there is such a shortage in some key roles, including engineering, could be that false images of roles are deterring people from seeking careers in the areas. This may be particularly true in terms of females.

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), the largest car manufacturer in Britain, certainly seems to think that outdated and inappropriate images associated with roles is deterring women from entering the sector. Fortunately they are in a position to help show what the jobs are really like. They joined up with Getty Images in March to help do just that.

The project between the automotive giant and one of the top photo agencies in the world is designed to celebrate the diverse roles that women can hold in the motor industry. JLR was able to help with this because 11% of their workforce (up from 9% in the last four years) is female, holding a variety of different engineering, design, and aftercare roles.

One of the biggest misconceptions the project is trying to do away with is that engineering roles involve a huge amount of physical exertion and working on dirty assembly lines. In fact at JLR a huge number of jobs are computer based and associated with robotics. When it does come to assembly the lines are immensely clean and efficient.

It is hoped that new, more realistic imagery of what roles are really like will encourage more females to take up STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) careers. The diverse skills and creativity they bring would help to enrich the whole motor trade and go a long way to filling shortages.

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