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Difficulty is the first word that comes to mind when companies think about the recruitment process, but you’ll be glad to know that part of our work involves getting rid of unnecessary complications. Knowing our client and their requirements is the key to our success, because with this knowledge, we are in a great position to put forward the correct candidates for the motor trade jobs you need filling. We won’t just pick anyone though, the best will be chosen following an extensive vetting process done by us personally.

Voith Composites recently laid the groundwork for large-scale production of components comprised of carbon fibres for automotive customers. This news acts as a milestone in the industrial mass production of these products. The framework was put into place as a result of the partnership between Voith and Audi that has existed since 2011. The two companies had reached an agreement to develop carbon fibre-reinforced components and produce them utilising highly automated manufacturing procedures.

They have new standards which have been set for this cutting edge production line and have shown that mass producing these components can be implemented effectively with modern processes and machines. The companies possess ambitious growth targets and by working in unison with other customers present in the automotive industry, they seek to increase production of the carbon fibre-based products.

With new components being introduced regularly in the automotive industry, it’s important that companies have employees who are knowledgeable on all the latest developments. Our agency takes special note of our client’s needs for a particular role they are looking to fill and will provide the candidate that most closely matches their specifications.

At John Gibson Associates our methods do indeed prove to be fruitful when helping clients to fill motor trade jobs. Vacancies for sales, advisors, senior roles and technicians have all been filled by us. Our approach has helped us to build long term partnerships with many clients, giving them the benefit of having us on hand whenever they need us.