A new study shows more positivity for the future of the UK automotive industry

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The results of a survey by Servicing Stop were revealed earlier this month. They shed a much more positive light on what British consumers are expecting for the automotive sector following Brexit.

The study asked 1,680 motorists what would happen if tariffs were introduced on vehicles being imported into the UK. Of the responders 40% said they expected more manufacturers to start producing parts and vehicles here. This in turn would lead to more jobs and see businesses involved in phases of automotive recruitment to fill them.

In addition to the response above just over a third of responders said they expect a trade agreement with no tariffs being imposed to be agreed. This would see the cost of vehicles remain much the same to what it is currently.

A second question asked was how the motorists thought the UK automotive industry could benefit from Brexit. The biggest response (43%) was that it would allow Britain to trade more freely with countries outside of the EU including the USA and growing markets in China and India.

Of the responders to the second question 23% also expected more factories to be built within the UK. This would help manufacturers to avoid tariffs by producing vehicles closer to where they are to be sold. In turn it would create more jobs and also stimulate automotive recruitment.

The results of the survey, although only taking a cross-section of views, show there is more confidence than many anticipated. Uncertainty will remain until Brexit is finalised and the landscape becomes clearer but it is great that people are looking to the future with more positivity.

At John Gibson Associates we would love to see Brexit result in a stronger automotive sector in the UK and more recruitment opportunities. We will be on hand to provide services to businesses and job seekers who need help. Our franchisees are highly experienced, focusing solely on the industry. They will provide the very best support.