A new steel processing facility for the West Midlands

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Steel and Alloy Processing is one of the largest independent specialists in their field in the UK and is set to grow even more after plans for a new factory were accepted. The West Bromwich company is investing £25 million to build a facility in Oldbury. Once finished, around 150 motor industry jobs will be created.

The company designs and manufactures steel parts for a wide array of motor companies, including huge names like Jaguar Land Rover, VW and Tata. They have been operating since 1968 and enjoyed a great deal of growth over the years as a result of their high quality products and expertise. To date they have three facilities; the Oldbury one will become their fourth.

A site has already been chosen for the new factory. It is the former home of Albright High School on Popes Lane. The 25,000 square foot site has stood empty for a number of years following the closure of the school in 1983 and the demolition of a training centre. This will be a sizeable facility and help Steel and Alloy Processing to keep up with demand for their products. Additionally they will have extra space for new machinery so they can continue innovating.

A recruitment drive will begin at a later date and is expected to be split into three phases. Initially 46 roles will be created. This will expand to 150 in the future once the site is fully up and running.

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