A new report into the number of vacant motor industry jobs in the UK

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In a number of past articles we have discussed the shortage of skills in the motor industry and the challenges this presents for companies. A new report developed by the SMMT for the Automotive Industrial Partnership and published by the Automotive Council re-affirms the extent of the problem.

The headline figure from the report is that up to 5,000 motor industry jobs could remain vacant due to the skills gap. This is despite all of the hard work that has gone into improving training schemes, create apprenticeships, and encouraging more people to choose a career in the sector.

Of the vacancies around 19% are believed to be ‘critical’ roles, those that will have a significant impact on a business if they remain unfilled for too long. Positions like these include design and production engineers (both of which subsequently are feeling shortages the worst). If the roles do not get filled with the right calibre candidates in a timely manner it can restrict the production and growth of the company, causing a knock on affect that harms the economy.

The UK has enjoyed several years of impressive production in the motor industry, including new records for the number of vehicles produced. Since 2010 production has risen by an amazing 40%, putting Britain at the top of productivity in Europe. Imagine how much higher the growth would have been if all of the vacancies were filled by highly trained candidates.

One of the biggest issues with filling motor industry jobs is that the rapidly advancing technology means people need a much wider array of skills. It is difficult for people to obtain these, especially when it comes to cutting edge technology and the speed at which it is introduced.

The report states that more than 20,000 people working in the motor industry will need to expand their skills. An incredible 71 different types of learning are required to achieve this. Of the huge number approximately 15% need new training imminently.

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