A new motor trade initiative to inspire people on Teesside

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Across the motor trade sector companies are looking for innovative ways to attract new talent and inspire people to think of a career in the industry. There are numerous different approaches being utilised, including working closely with local education provides and offering apprenticeships. This shows how important recruiting early is and further highlights the intensity of the competition.

The High Tide Foundation has taken a great approach to the situation with their Automotive Cadetship. The scheme was devised by PD Ports and Casper Shipping in 2012 to specifically target young people in Teesside.

Several local companies have been involved with the scheme including AV Dawson, Evans Halshaw, Nissan, Nifco and SABIC. The aim is for these organisations to give participants an insight into what it is like to work in the motor trade. The experiences can reveal just how attractive a career in the industry is and get more people interested in pursuing one.

The special thing about the Cadetship is that participants get a much better insight into various parts of the supply chain. They can see firsthand how many plastic parts are made, how steel is moved, and what happens when the finished vehicles arrive in the showroom. This reflects the motor trade in the North East very well, showcasing the wide range of different businesses that operate in the region. It also shows that there are many different career options.

Motor trade recruitment can be very challenging in the UK, even in regions where businesses are thriving. Schemes like the Automotive Cadetship are really important for inspiring the next generation.

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