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Marriott Motor Group is closing in on completion of its new Audi showroom in Ipswich. The £8 million investment in the new property at Futura Park is a major milestone for the company and will allow them to move from their current site to a purpose built building where they can showcase vehicles and provide a great service.

The construction work began on the site in February. The big opening is planned for 5th December. The cutting edge property looks even more impressive when you consider this build time.

One thing that sets the new building apart is the showroom. It has space for 16 vehicles to be displayed prominently for visitors to inspect. The big difference with other sites is that there are no desks in the space for sellers to sit at. These were avoided so there is absolutely no risk that they will distract attention from the vehicles.

The result of the lack of desks is that the sales team need to hold more knowledge themselves. This is important to ensure they can provide the very best advice to prospective buyers and answer any questions they may have. Many people underestimate just how hard sales people work in terms of learning about the vehicles they are dealing with.

The new Audi dealership will become home to a 70 strong staff when it opens. In the future this could expand with new motor trade jobs expected to be created, both in terms of sales and technical positions at the on-site servicing centre. This means the development could also be highly beneficial for people in the area looking to start a career in the industry or take the next step in it.

At John Gibson Associates we excel at highlighting where businesses can and need to create motor trade jobs. As a result we are well placed to offer support and help with the recruitment. We can speed up the process and provide assurances that the right candidates will be put forward for roles. This has helped establish us a leader in our field.