A new era in the British car market dawns

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2017 has begun with a new service which can only be described as a significant landmark in the UK motor trade. During the first week of January Hyundai launched their ‘Click to Buy’ website. This represents the first time that motorists can complete the entire end-to-end process of buying a car directly from the manufacturer online.

Over the years car dealerships and manufacturers have sought to delivers greater convenience to consumers. As part of this many of them have enhanced their online services. This integration has now developed to the point where a UK based motorist can effectively purchase a new car from Hyundai without leaving their home or office. The process is 100% online as long as a cash purchase is being made. A car can be delivered to the designated address once the order is complete.

The implications of this new initiative for our motor industry jobs are as interesting as those for consumers. Whilst some believe this is the start of the end of the traditional car sales model we don’t believe that this is the case. There will always be a significant number of people preferring to browse cars and choose in person. It is rather the case that the logistics and processes relating to the complete purchase of a car online will create more roles rather than see some fall away.

We would like to congratulate Hyundai on this incredible achievement. It is also in order to extend congratulations to Smart, who have launched a very similar service.

Having two such prominent companies in the motor trade pursue this service can only be taken as a very strong indication that all manufacturers within the industry are likely to do the same. It presents really good opportunities for job opportunities in the future, particularly if the two manufacturers already launching their online services find big success.

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