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For three decades, the JGA team has worked hard to provide the very best motor trade recruitment services to businesses across the country. One of the main reasons as to why we are so successful is that we take the time to visit our client’s premises in order to get an idea of what prosperity means to them. We don’t like to put them through any unnecessary frustrations, so every prospective candidate is vetted extensively before they are referred onto a company.

Following a development project that cost a total of £6.5 million, Snows Group has launched a brand new Lexus and Toyota site in Exeter. The local community came out in force to the opening of this recently created dealership. They were joined by the Toyota Polar Hilux, a car featured on the popular TV programme Top Gear, as it took its place on the centre stage.

Group Board Directors of the business Alex Domone and Phil Maddison welcomed the attendees to the showrooms and introduced two important figures from each motor company; the Director at Lexus Ewan Shepherd and Toyota GB Sales Director Mark Roden. Both men unveiled the plaques from their respective businesses to officially mark the opening of this new site.

Openings such as these can only be accomplished with the assistance of a brilliant team and we aim to help motor companies build said teams by providing them with the right people. To discover who is best for a specific role, we look at every candidate’s personality and how they would react in certain scenarios at work. Only those who produce the greatest results shall be considered for the role however; we don’t want to send you someone who lacks the desired skill set.

At John Gibson Associates our 6 month guarantee ensures that we will find a suitable replacement if things don’t work out the first time. As we said before, we do not like to put undue stress on our clients when we provide motor trade recruitment. With this in mind we shall endeavour to get things right initially. If we can assist you in any way, please do get in touch.