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Recently we have written articles about large manufacturers such as Toyota and Nissan investing more in the UK motor trade. Several suppliers are doing similar, opening new plants and expanding their workforces to keep up with rising demand. FM Coatings is one such.

The County Durham based company specialises in painting plastic components for vehicles. They use a cutting edge wet spraying system, employing high end equipment to produce fantastic results. Demand for their products has increased substantially since 2007, resulting in tripled turnover. This comes as more companies are looking for light, durable, eco-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing components.

FM Coating was originally based at a plant in Boldon. The growth meant they quickly outgrew this though and had to open a new plant. This facility will be 23,000 square feet and feature a wide range of automated equipment. It will be based on the Seaham Grange Industrial Estate.

The new plant is expected to be commissioned in June 2017. If all goes well the first production run from the facility could be in December. This would be a relatively quick turnaround but would result in minimal disruptions.

As part of the investment FM Coatings will be recruiting around 75 new staff, taking their total workforce to 165 by 2020. The company is planning to look at motor trade recruitment later this year and expects to choose new employees mainly from the local area. This will be good news for local residents and the economy.

The story is fantastic and shows just how much demand there is for specialist vehicular products made in Britain. The UK is home to plenty of niche suppliers who work with the largest names in the motor trade. Their success is wonderful and shows how healthy the sector is.

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