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Lookers is one of the leading dealer groups in the UK. They operate from 120 different sites and employ over 6,000 people in a variety of sales and support roles. The company is set to grow even further after purchasing Addison, the parent company of Benfield Motors for £87.5 million. The purchase brings together two companies with a similar ethos about customer and employee care.

The great thing about Lookers is that they are actively trying to erase the stereotypes people have about car dealers. To do this, they prioritise customer service and ensure they provide the best experience every single time, whether it is simply providing information about vehicles or making a sale. Client satisfaction is crucial because there is so much competition in the sector and businesses that don’t offer a good experience will lose out.

Alongside customer service they also prioritise employee satisfaction. They encourage staff to learn as much as they can about vehicles so they can provide details for customers in the showroom. This is essential because buyers generally have access to the information online so it improves the experience for them to hear it from a professional. This also means there is more opportunity for employees to learn and stay up to date with the latest technology.

Additionally, Lookers is also piloting a new scheme that links bonuses to customer satisfaction rather than sales. This means there is now less value in sellers pushing the hard sell, rather than seeking to satisfy their customers and helping them to find the right vehicle. With higher basic wages, employees are also more likely to stay motivated and seek to offer a great service.

Lookers will be rebranding the 30 Benfield Motors dealerships and inherited their 1,600 strong workforce. The move may see them become the third largest car dealership group in the UK and gives them a huge presence in the North East in particular.

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