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Inchcape UK has revealed that the structure of their sales teams, salary and commission plans are due to change in January 2018, according to an announcement made last week.

The company has divided its teams into ‘new’ and ‘used’ vehicle sales, so that each employee will be able to specialise in one of the two and therefore improve the tailored service experience they strive to deliver to each customer. The basic salary for a Sales Executive is said to have seen a substantial increase to up to £22,000 per annum, with no upper earnings limit for the overall package.

It is believed that the aim of these changes is to build a team of expert consultants in both the new and used car sales sectors, thus creating the experience of all customers having a personal advisor to speak to, as opposed to a sales person. The aim of increasing the basic salary is for Sales Executives to feel less dependent on their commission earnings, so that team members can turn their focus to the customer experience.

In 2016, Marshall Motor Group announced an initiative of a £25,000 first year earnings guarantee for new Sales Executive employees, to attract newcomers to the motor industry and encourage staff loyalty to the group. Reportedly, the aim is to bring in employees with the right values, attitude and ethos for the group, even those without prior experience in the motor trade. All new recruits benefit from a structured training programme prior to starting work ‘on the floor’ to ensure thorough understanding of the job role and how to meet and exceed the groups’ customer service standards.

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(source information: www.cardealermagazine.co.uk)