A limited number of franchises are available in the UK

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The sustained growth of the British motor industry has seen the sector become one of the most significant employers in the economy. With both the domestic and international market showing a growing demand for British automotive manufacturing and creation, employment and career opportunities in the industry are growing. We have built our reputation for excellence in automotive recruitment by knowing that advanced screening and candidate evaluation leads to better employment decisions. To meet the demands of a growing market, we are looking to expand the John Gibson Associates team.

Whereas once it was the case that the UK car industry was identified with key areas in the nation, this is no longer the case. The automotive industry operates across the entire country. This means that every area needs to have the benefit of superior automotive recruitment services, which we are known for providing. To meet this demand, we are presently expanding the number of exclusive JGA franchise opportunities available.

Whether you are an experienced professional in the industry who knows what skills are needed, or are skilled at assessing the strengths and weaknesses in others, joining our successful team could be the right career choice for you. We use unique systems for personality testing and assessing, and when you work with us you will be working under the most trusted name in recruitment for motor trade jobs. This means that when opening a franchise, you are opening the doors to a new business which already has a reputation for success.

We appreciate that the biggest competition we have is ourselves. For that reason, we ensure that the number of franchises we have are limited to meet demand only, and are strictly controlled with postcode protection. Our goal is to take JGA forward to even higher standards, and we know to do this we must manage and support all franchises professionally and with full support for success.

The automotive recruitment industry is growing, and needs the best people possible to be involved in it so that success can be ensured. If you would like to explore this unique opportunity to join the team, get in touch with us. John Gibson, his senior executive team and long-standing franchise holders will be delighted to set up time to meet and discuss with you further.