A greater number of advanced materials are set to enter mainstream manufacture

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Recruitment can be tricky in the motor industry, as this is one that requires highly talented individuals to succeed. It can be hard to pick out the best from the rest when looking at your candidate pool, but our company is one that aims to make the whole process as simple and stress free as possible. With a wealth of recruitment experience and a six-month guarantee, we are the ones to come to if you’re having trouble finding the right people for motor industry jobs.

Major twists within the motor trade are set to take place throughout 2017, not only transforming the cars that we drive, but the manufacturing processes as well. When it comes to the development of ultra-light-weight, ultra- high speed, crash resistant and tough substances, Formula 1 undoubtedly leads the way. Throughout the year, both technologies and materials developed in Formula 1 shall keep on transitioning into conventional the design and manufacture of road vehicles.

One key concern for OEM producers here is cost, but many are already achieving enhanced quality whilst reducing simultaneously reducing costs. Last year saw some outstanding upgrades in serial motors, which are more powerful, safer and lighter. This year, we will see even more. The introduction of more innovative substances displays the competitive edge that larger manufacturers gain when they learn from smaller, more high-end, inventive manufacturers.

Original materials only make up half the story though. Newer vehicles shall also result in more up to date processes. These new manufacturing methods will need people who are trained and in possession of particular skill sets; locating these individuals to take on motor industry jobs is our speciality.

At John Gibson Associates every candidate that is interested in joining your company shall undergo our extensive screening process before we refer them to you. Only once we are confident that they will fulfil your needs shall we send them to you. If we feel that they are lacking in certain areas, they won’t be recommended. If you require assistance with your recruiting efforts, please let us know.