A Companys Biggest Asset is its Staff!

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A company’s biggest asset is its staff. It is vital they take the time to chose the right person for the job and by doing a DIY job instead of using a professional recruitment consultant, they run the danger of getting brain fade and not reading the CVs properly after the first few. It is easy to fall into a “he will do” attitude after interviewing a few that looked great on paper but were less than great face to face.

Why don’t people take independent references on candidates? It is so easy to be fooled by “professional interviewees” who come over so well at interview but as soon as they start the job, chaos ensues. It is unbelievable how applicants “bend the truth” or leave things out and what more relevant than when taking someone on in a financial role? Check them out.

It is expensive to keep recruiting and training staff, not to mention the lack of stability within a sales team or with customers.

If you don’t chose the right person the first time, you start a “revolving door” situation and in the end no-one will want to work for you because you will get a disastrous reputation.

Use a professional recruitment consultant – it costs money yes but how much would you spend on advertising, time on sifting through and interviewing and then find that you have chosen the wrong person only to start this process all over again. Your time is valuable, let someone else do the spade work.