A bright outlook for automotive recruitment

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Lloyds Bank released a report about the automotive sector at the start of December. They had surveyed people in prominent roles at 100 manufacturers in England and Wales to obtain their views about what they believed would be in store for the industry over the next two years. The information in the document is very positive, showing that businesses in the industry expect growth in several areas, including turnover, product range and recruitment too.

The report reveals some interesting information about employment in the sector and the changes that can be expected in 2016 and 2017. Of the companies surveyed, 58% stated they planned to reshore manufacturing. This would bring jobs back to the UK and help businesses to build a more efficient supply chain. According to the report, automotive manufacturers plan to create an average of 33 jobs over the next two years. When we consider the sector as a whole this could provide a major boost.

If you take the average number of new positions that are expected to be created, it would account for approximately 800 new automotive jobs in Teesside. Some businesses in the region claim this number is actually quite conservative because of the impact that recruitment at large manufacturers will have further along the supply chain. The North East Automotive Alliance agrees and believes the actual number could be higher.

One employer alone is planning to create 350 jobs as they target new growth. Nifco is a specialist car parts manufacturer based in Eaglescliffe. They are planning to expand with a third factory and hope to take their total sales to the £100 million mark. In 2014 they saw an 11% rise to £55 million so they are on the right path.

The future certainly looks bright for automotive recruitment in the UK, and these new developments could lead to further jobs for a sector that already employs approximately 800,000 people in an array of different roles. If you are interested in working in the industry you can find the latest job listings on the John Gibson Associates website.