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“Recruitment is a bit like a blind date”

When looking to recruit, businesses need to appreciate the importance of Talent Management and its strategic priority. Planning for the future is critical. When a client takes those first steps towards recruitment they should consider what their organisation needs for the coming years and not just an immediate ‘fix’. Representation by a consultancy that not only knows the industry inside and out but also understands what your specific requirements are is imperative to say the least.

Recruitment is not just about finding the person that is right for the job – it is equally as important to recruit someone who will complement the strengths of your current team and also help to cultivate and grow your business in the years to come. That is why we strongly believe that building a relationship and knowing our candidates is as equally important as knowing our clients. Having an understanding of a candidate’s experience, skills, motivations, achievements and their aspirations will generate an insight and an understanding as to which direction a candidate wants to take their career. And it will also enable the recruiter to fully appreciate the type of organisation that they will be best suited to.

As a consultancy JGA have consistently proved to surpass both our Candidates’ and Clients’ expectations, whether it be Customer Service, attention to detail, locating and attracting the quality of talent worthy of our business partners or finding the right career move for our candidates. A true test of experience and the ability to build trusting relationships is the generating and sourcing of quality candidates by not only searching through a database – it also requires a personal touch. It means using in-depth industry knowledge, utilising contacts and having empathy and a clear understanding of the client’s and the candidate’s expectations and needs.

The recruitment process is a bit like a blind date – neither party knows what to expect. Using an established and trusted consultancy will give confidence to the process, ensuring it is efficient, seamless and satisfying in its results.

Building and maintaining a good relationship with a candidate is building for the future – Look after your candidates, they are your future clients.