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Porsche is investing more in Scotland

Porsche has already created over 100 motor industry jobs in Scotland with their Dundee showroom. They are looking to add to these by creating a new centre in nearby Perth. This would add up to 41 equivalent full-time posts and new apprenticeship opportunities. Continue Reading

The UK has a strong infrastructure for the motor trade

The UK has given rise to some of the most cutting edge vehicular technology over the years. As the industry has modernised and grown more and more sophisticated businesses have continued to push forward. The after-sales market has followed a similar trend, diversifying and growing over time too. The end result is the creation of more motor trade jobs in different areas. Continue Reading

Diversification could help with recruitment

A potential solution to the challenges employers face in terms of motor trade recruitment is to diversify their workforces. By expanding their search criteria and looking at potential recruits from different backgrounds, including those outside of the industry itself, businesses can find new opportunities. Continue Reading

Diesel vehicles contribute a huge amount to the economy

Attitudes towards diesel powered vehicles have been hit by a series of scandals over the last few years. Their importance to the UK economy remains very strong though. In fact they play such a pivotal role in terms of supporting motor industry jobs and economic contribution that the industry has issued a strong defence of the technology. Continue Reading

Demand for mechanics creates shortages

In several past articles we have mentioned skill shortages in the UK and how employers, universities, and the government are looking to tackle the issue. Looking at what is going on in other countries can help, particularly in the US. Businesses there are facing extreme shortages in terms of finding people to take on specific automotive jobs. One of the roles where demand is very high is auto mechanics. Continue Reading

Demand creates additional recruitment drives

The Trade Centre Wales recently held an employment drive for its brand new facility in the West Midlands. The Trade Centre UK opened at Easter and had to engage in some motor trade recruitment beforehand to find new staff to take up roles. This created some great opportunities for people working across the region. Continue Reading