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The motor industry and Coventry have a fantastic history

Coventry has a fantastic history in the motor industry. Vehicle manufacturing began in the city in the 1900s as a natural diversification from the bicycle industry. At the height of its powers several huge manufacturers were based in the area including Daimler, Triumph, and Peugeot. A huge proportion of the population worked at factories in various types of motor industry jobs. A social and community scene sprang up as a result. Continue Reading

The value of calling candidates

When you are recruiting, whether it is for motor trade jobs, or positions in any other sector, there will come a time when you need to contact candidates directly. You need to take care when you do this, ensuring you conduct conversations properly and don’t lose them. It is easier than you think to do that, particularly when it comes to positions where there is so much competition. Continue Reading

Looking at automotive jobs by fuel type

The US Department of Energy (DOE) recently compiled information about automotive jobs around the world. What makes the data interesting is it looks at them by vehicle type, i.e. the fuel they are powered by. They examined both motor vehicle manufacturers and parts producers. Jobs related to supporting the vehicles themselves were included with manufacturing. Continue Reading

Investing in training can help with motor trade recruitment

Many businesses look for their own solutions to motor trade recruitment problems. One of the options being chosen is to set up their own academies to train apprentices and effectively invest in new talent for the future. One business that has seen big success with this kind of strategy is Stoneacre Motor Group. Continue Reading

Recruit well for customer service roles

An important thing to remember when it comes to automotive recruitment is that success always boils down to selecting and retaining the right people. If you make mistakes you could find yourself appointing unsuitable candidates or failing to keep hold of the best people. The latter is more possible than ever with an increasing number of companies competing for staff and ready to recruit from their competitors. Continue Reading

Funding for new technology creates motor trade jobs

The Government is continuing to offer support and funding to help companies develop the next generation of low carbon and driverless vehicles in the UK. In total they will be offering £109.7 million of funds. This will be added to the incredible amount of money that businesses themselves are investing. Continue Reading

BCA is redeveloping its Bedford facility

British Car Auctions (BCA) has grown to become one of the leading used car vehicle marketplaces in the whole of Europe. The company has gone from strength to strength since it was founded in 1946 and now operates in 13 different countries. Each year they sell around 1 million vehicles. Continue Reading

March was a good month for the creation of automotive jobs

The automotive and hospitality sectors continued to lead the recruitment drive last month according to CV Library. The jobs website reported a 14% increased in job vacancies in March 2017, maintaining the strong start to the year. Big cities such as Liverpool and Birmingham led the way, seeing the highest concentration of roles being created. Continue Reading

An IMI video promoting careers in the motor trade

In March a new video from the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) that explored innovations in retailing and the wider industry was released. Titled Vision for the Future, it featured the various challenges companies are facing, the revolutions that have taken place, the changes that have occurred in terms of how people purchase cars, and the potential implications of Brexit. All of these can have a big impact on motor trade recruitment and the performance of the sector. Continue Reading