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Recruitment tips all the way from Japan

In the UK businesses can encounter a wide array of issues with motor trade recruitment including high competition and skills shortages. Working with dedicated companies like us can help a great deal, providing easier access to talented candidates. In addition employers can look at what businesses do in different countries to get useful ideas. Continue Reading

Aftermarket recruitment processes have great value

At John Gibson Associates we work very hard to assist clients with their automotive recruitment. We can tailor services to suit any requirements and focus on attracting and selecting the very best candidates for roles. In addition we offer advice to companies in regards to how they can ensure each hire becomes a long term appointment. Continue Reading

The skilled workforce in the UK is very attractive to employers

Although many would not speak of golf buggies in the same manner as they would cars, vans, or other road-going vehicles, they do have many similarities. For one they rely on the same highly skilled people to design and manufacture them. Additionally they are also starting to benefit from autonomous technology, albeit in a smaller capacity. Continue Reading

PSA reaffirmed motor industry jobs will remain at Vauxhall

Following their purchase of Vauxhall and Opel, alongside the European operations of General Motors (GM), PSG Group confirmed that they had plans for the Luton and Ellesmere Port facilities. They plan to honour the agreements already made by GM to the 4,500 staff and will also support the pension fund, thought to have a deficit of around £1 billion. Continue Reading

The benefits of recruiting from a large talent pool

In any sector it is always more cost effective to recruit the right person the first time. If you choose an unsuitable candidate you can be forced to undertake the whole recruitment process again, incurring large costs as a result. Having details of additional candidates to hand can help to save time and the expense. That is why many businesses keep the information of applicants on file for a period of time after a recruiting cycle. Continue Reading

Manufacturing automotive parts at Lochaber

In 2016 the last aluminium smelter in the UK changed hands with companies under the GFG Alliance banner taking over from Rio Tinto. Lochaber Smelter near Fort William, in the Western Scottish Highlands, was purchased in a £330 million deal. The move saved the 170 jobs on the site and kept the operation running. Continue Reading