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Hundreds of automotive jobs saved after the purchase of CovPress

Liberty House recently steeped in to save metal stamping and robotic assembly specialist CovPress. The manufacturer has an incredible 120 year history and supplies an array of parts to automotive companies such as Jaguar Land Rover and Nissan. Sadly the business collapsed last year and entered administration in September, putting hundreds of automotive jobs at risk of being lost. Continue Reading

A new dealership has taken form in Exeter

For three decades, the JGA team has worked hard to provide the very best motor trade recruitment services to businesses across the country. One of the main reasons as to why we are so successful is that we take the time to visit our client’s premises in order to get an idea of what prosperity means to them. We don’t like to put them through any unnecessary frustrations, so every prospective candidate is vetted extensively before they are referred onto a company. Continue Reading

2016 was a successful year for Rolls Royce

Earlier in January Rolls Royce, one of the most quintessentially British automotive names in the world, revealed their sales figures for 2016. They were proud to report the period was the second best in their 113 year history, seeing a 6% rise in sales over 2015. This saw an impressive 4,011 vehicles delivered to customers in over 50 countries all around the world. Continue Reading

Understanding the UK’s position in the global motor industry

The exceptional success achieved by the British motor industry is very well known. Many of these successes have been earned thanks to effective recruitment to fill all kinds of motor industry jobs. Figures released during January 2017 give every indication that the sustained growth will continue into the future. Continue Reading

The dangers of using promotions as a reward system

In order for a business to be a success the strategy must be to use staff to their greatest strengths. This is true of any sector or industry. If you look at that and consider this to be more a matter of common sense that business advice you would in fairness be right – but it is something that often gets overlooked. Continue Reading

Increased demand for plastic components creates automotive jobs

Austrian automotive parts manufacturer and supplier Polytec Group is planning to create new automotive jobs by opening a new manufacturing facility in Telford. The plastic component manufacturer is involved in creating a wide array of products for clients, specialising in injection moulding and cutting edge fibre-reinforced plastics. Continue Reading

A new era in the British car market dawns

2017 has begun with a new service which can only be described as a significant landmark in the UK motor trade. During the first week of January Hyundai launched their ‘Click to Buy’ website. This represents the first time that motorists can complete the entire end-to-end process of buying a car directly from the manufacturer online. Continue Reading