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Finding someone with the right technical prowess

Recruiting new talent for automotive jobs can be challenging, but if it’s done right, the results can be rather rewarding. With the correct staff at your disposal, the business can grow and expand into one that’s recognised throughout the world. To help, we visit your company to discover what success means to you and then we put each applicant through a series of tests to determine which will best suit your needs. Continue Reading

Efficiently pin-pointing your automotive recruitment needs

Companies in the automotive industry experience recruitment challenges at various levels, from the shop floor all the way to managerial or C-level. In the majority of cases the higher up the hierarchy and the more time that passes the tougher it becomes to find and hire the right people for jobs. With this in mind it is important you have a plan in place to improve efficiency. At John Gibson Associates we can help you with creating recruitment plans and deciding on your strategy. Continue Reading

Robotics has brought big change to the motor industry

The introduction of robots into the motor industry had a big impact on production and the quality of the finished products. This occurred as far back as the 1960s but development has been much faster recently. In the last ten years in particular the technology has improved leaps and bounds, boosting standards even further. Continue Reading

The latest data is good reading for automotive jobs

The number of automotive jobs advertised online enjoyed big growth in July, August and September 2016. According to the latest data from CV Library vacancies saw a year on year increase of an astonishing 24.1%. This vastly outpaced the national average of 8.1% and placed the industry in the top 5 in terms of job growth. Continue Reading

The connected car market is a huge growth area

The motor trade is changing rapidly as a result of technological advancement. This is coming both in terms of the power units in vehicles and the use of software. The connected car market is a huge growth area, with PwC anticipating threefold increase between 2017 and 2022. This would see the value of the market rise from £40 billion to £120 billion. Continue Reading