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A partnership to develop exciting new applications

Difficulty is the first word that comes to mind when companies think about the recruitment process, but you’ll be glad to know that part of our work involves getting rid of unnecessary complications. Knowing our client and their requirements is the key to our success, because with this knowledge, we are in a great position to put forward the correct candidates for the motor trade jobs you need filling. We won’t just pick anyone though, the best will be chosen following an extensive vetting process done by us personally. Continue Reading

Tackling the two major recruitment challenges

There are two huge challenges with recruitment, particularly when it comes to automotive jobs. The first of these is that it can be difficult to find the ideal candidate to take on the role. The search can result in a great deal of work, including having to work through a large number of applications to see who has the right skills and competencies. Continue Reading

A new motor trade initiative to inspire people on Teesside

Across the motor trade sector companies are looking for innovative ways to attract new talent and inspire people to think of a career in the industry. There are numerous different approaches being utilised, including working closely with local education provides and offering apprenticeships. This shows how important recruiting early is and further highlights the intensity of the competition.

The High Tide Foundation has taken a great approach to the situation with their Automotive Cadetship. The scheme was devised by PD Ports and Casper Shipping in 2012 to specifically target young people in Teesside.

Several local companies have been involved with the scheme including AV Dawson, Evans Halshaw, Nissan, Nifco and SABIC. The aim is for these organisations to give participants an insight into what it is like to work in the motor trade. The experiences can reveal just how attractive a career in the industry is and get more people interested in pursuing one.

The special thing about the Cadetship is that participants get a much better insight into various parts of the supply chain. They can see firsthand how many plastic parts are made, how steel is moved, and what happens when the finished vehicles arrive in the showroom. This reflects the motor trade in the North East very well, showcasing the wide range of different businesses that operate in the region. It also shows that there are many different career options.

Motor trade recruitment can be very challenging in the UK, even in regions where businesses are thriving. Schemes like the Automotive Cadetship are really important for inspiring the next generation.

John Gibson Associates is an established recruiter offering support for companies throughout the automotive industry. We specialise in motor trade recruitment and want to ensure that our clients can find and hire the best staff. We understand the value of getting people interested in a career in the sector early and investing in talent for the future.

If you have any questions about recruiting please feel free to contact us. We are confident you’ll be impressed with our personal approach and commitment to supporting our clients.

A new way to inspect vehicles

Automotive recruitment isn’t an easy process, especially since the people needed for the job have to be highly talented. Fortunately, for businesses that are struggling to find adequate staff, our specialist agency has the knowledge and experience to provide a comprehensive solution. Our aim is to deliver a hassle-free experience that sees the right people appointed to jobs.

Industrial Vision Systems (IVS) has just recently introduced the IVS-ELCi, a new end of the line automated car conformance and inspection cell. The equipment is said to permit automotive manufacturers to automate critical and repetitive inspection work that covers whole vehicles. As a result, it will free operators, such as the ones that we refer to companies, from certain tasks and allow them to focus more on repairs and other important duties.

Utilising up to 50 sensors for a 360 degrees check of each vehicle, the cell also automatically saves data and images which provides evidence that protects managers from potential warranty claims or recalls. The easy to install device makes use of artificial intelligence vision sensors that supply critical quality inspection criteria across the whole build cycle for the vehicle.

With devices such as this at work in the industry employees can focus all their efforts on the most vital jobs that they are required to do. Full vehicle inspections can take up much time after all and a lot more is needed in order to rectify faults that come up. With cutting edge technology like this time can be saved and the whole process improved. The end result is customers get their vehicles back sooner.

At John Gibson Associates we put the maximum amount of effort into automotive recruitment. We do this to make certain that the people we send to businesses are the ideal choice. In order to fully understand what it is company’s want, we take the time to visit them so we can see what’s needed for them to achieve success. If you’d like any additional information relating to our agency, we would love to hear from you.

Providing local support for businesses in the motor industry

Drive Midlands has enjoyed a successful year and is planning to expand to cover both the West and East of the region. The programme was designed to provide coordinated local support for businesses in the region involved in the motor industry. As part of this it works with providers of higher and further education to deliver skills development and improve recruitment opportunities. Continue Reading

Record Success Levels Achieved In The British Used Car Market

When the sustained success of the British motor trade sector is discussed it’s usually the case that two key areas are highlighted. These are the number of vehicle units produced and the number of new car sales. Whilst these areas are indeed of crucial significance, it is important to make sure other areas of success are not overlooked. One particular area is the used car market.

The facts and figures for 2016 so far have shown that we are on course for another year of sustainable growth across the motor industry. Records have been broken in a number of areas, and the used car market is no exception to this. In the first half of the year nearly 4.2 million used vehicles were sold. This is the highest ever level for the first six months, and further the first time the four million sales number has been broken. As a means of comparison, the number of new cars recorded as sold during the same period was just slightly below 1.5 million.

If the figure for new cars sold is considered a sign that the automotive sector is in a very healthy position, then the performance in the used and second hand car market surely amplifies this. From our perspective the importance of the success in this particular market is in the way that it creates – and sustains – opportunities for motor trade jobs.

Perspectives have changed over the last few years in respect of the used car market. Whereas once it was regarded as a budget alternative, now it would be most common to see it being referred to as an affordable, viable way to buy a luxury vehicle. One of the biggest consequences of this perspective change has been the need to have better, more informed and far more capable staff employed in the sector. Over the years we have been delighted to provide the best possible staff for long term success in positions within the sector. We look forward to doing this for many more years yet.

A key component of the sustained success of the British automotive industry is that a strong performance is recorded in virtually every area of it. The success recorded in the used car market underlines this fact. At John Gibson Associates we are proud to support this and all sectors of the British motor industry with our recruitment services.

Social media’s influence in car sales

The automotive sector is one that requires extremely talented individuals for its ever-expanding number of jobs. We understand the frustrations that come with recruiting, as not every recruit will be right for the role. In order to save companies time and money, we thoroughly look at every applicant and will only refer them to a company once we are absolutely certain that they’re right for the role.

Selling stock is the goal of every car dealership and in order to reach the widest audience possible, taking advantage of social media platforms is one of the smartest business moves to make. Every channel, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, is different in many ways. The common ground with them however, is that they permit interactions with other people. With so many of us having an online presence these days, online interactions are vital for businesses.

The ability to interact with people not only allows the company to get their message across to an audience of potential clients, but the customers themselves can also interact with them. How paramount this is cannot be overstated. After all, if a potential customer is looking at purchasing a car, they might want to contact the business and ask certain questions. It’s more than likely that they’ll want to utilise social media for this, so having an online presence makes it easier to have those all important interactions.

Each car dealership needs people to see their goods and this is simpler to accomplish when you broadcast them online. By taking great photos of their cars and sending them through the social media channels, dealers are working to increase the interest of what’s on offer. They can promote special offers and services in the same way.

At John Gibson Associates car sales vacancies are among the important roles that we assist individuals in obtaining. No matter what strategies are used to try and sell the merchandise, having someone with the right skills is crucial in order to make the deals work. When businesses need to recruit sales personnel we can offer an invaluable helping hand.

Challenges in the motor trade can be overcome

For almost three decades, our specialist recruitment agency has worked tirelessly to provide motor trade recruitment so businesses can find the right staff. Vacancies need to be filled, but not just by anyone. With the motor industry in particular, the most talented and skilled of individuals are required in order for each company to succeed.

The amount of cars which are sold worldwide is expected to increase extensively, from the 75 million per year in 2015 to over the 100 million mark by 2035. The majority of this growth is expected to come from economies that are emerging. The number of cars present on the road is also expected to increase by roughly double, from 1.1 billion presently on the road to about 2 billion in 20 years.

Alongside this growth comes the increase of emissions, but countering this is will be the expanding fuel efficiency requirements that manufacturers could find difficult to meet without the right people. Cutting the emission levels to meet acceptable standards shall require the developments of new car models and further technology, both of which will need to be considerably more fuel efficient.

With the right staff however, nothing is impossible to achieve. There will always be obstacles in the industry to be sure, but as long as you have the right people behind you, you can succeed. Our recruitment agency aims to provide companies in the motor trade with candidates that best suit their needs. In order to avoid more hassle than is necessary, we look extensively at a potential recruit’s overall personality, exploring how they would operate in the workplace before they are sent to the company.

At John Gibson Associates we pride ourselves on being able to deliver the finest recruits to businesses across the country. Alongside our candidates is our 6 month guarantee, so that if someone isn’t quite right for the job, a replacement will be found swiftly. If you are interested in finding out more about us, feel free to get in touch.

The value of retaining and recruiting older staff

A new report, Age in the Workplace, was released by equality promoters Business in the Community last week. The conclusion from the document is that businesses in the UK should be working hard to retain elder professionals. The benefits of doing this are extensive, including retaining skill sets, maintaining a much stronger culture in the workplace, and even offering savings.

The UK has an aging population, with the median age reaching its highest point ever in 2014. This followed several years of rises, with the median hitting 40.0. The number of people in upper age groups has increased steadily over the last decade. This has seen the number of people aged over 100 rise by 72% and over half a million people in the 90+ bracket.

The Business in the Community report claims that businesses will be more successful if their workforce reflects customer demographics. This is a long held philosophy and has proven accurate on many occasions. With an aging population in the UK is should be no surprise to see this reflected in companies retaining older members of staff and even recruiting them to take advantage of the skills they possess.

The automotive sector is one that can take heed from the report by retaining and recruiting elder professionals to ensure their skills are saved. This would work really well alongside the apprenticeships that so many companies offer. It would give new personnel the chance to learn from highly experienced people.

By retaining staff effectively companies can see keep hold of their skills and reduce shortages. It can also provide a big benefit when it comes to automotive recruitment. Companies will be able to ask their staff exactly what they would look for in an applicant, helping to form the brief and ensure they are pursuing the right candidates.

At John Gibson Associates we appreciate the benefits that retaining and recruiting elder staff members can offer to companies. As an automotive recruitment specialist we are committed to helping all clients identify their needs and ensure they have the right people in place.

The UK motor industry is praised for its efficiency

One of the leading reasons why the motor industry in the UK is so strong is because of the talents of the workforce. In July Professor Garel Rhys, an iconic figure and commentator on the sector revealed that the workforce is the most efficient in the whole of Europe. Official figures he quoted showed that 10.5 vehicles were made per employee in 2015. This is fantastic productivity and explains why vehicle production in that period reached such a height.

The efficiency of the workforce is fantastic but businesses need to work hard to maintain it and ensure they can satisfy demands. One of the trickiest aspects of this is ensuring they recruit the best staff at the right time. This takes a great deal of planning to ensure the right approach is taken.

At John Gibson Associates we have specialised in recruitment in the motor industry for many years, helping each and every client to fill a variety of jobs. As you can expect this has given us an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and experience. We can therefore offer a high quality service to every business in the sector looking at their staffing needs.

We understand that every business is unique and will experience demand differently. As a result while one recruiting solution can work wonders for one company it may be ineffective for another. This is why we provide a bespoke service every time, ensuring we address our client’s particular needs.

With different demand cycles comes different recruiting periods. In order to ensure that each business has the right staff numbers at all times they should look carefully at demand forecasts. They can then begin recruiting as far in advance as possible. As part of this it is important to think about periods for recruitment and training.

If you have any questions about the benefits we can bring or our abilities to find the right people for all kinds of motor trade jobs please contact us. JGA operates across the UK and delivers a first rate, personal service to each client.