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Britain is home to numerous specialist component makers serving the motor industry

The British motor industry is one of the most renowned in the whole world. The products manufactured here have a fantastic reputation, from the finished vehicles to the smallest components. This is why they are seen all around the world and why the sector is currently so strong.

Specialist component makers in the UK come in all shapes and sizes, from the largest teams to small businesses serving a particular niche market. The whole industry is worth an impressive estimated £4.3 billion per year. The success of this field in particular is why the motor industry as a whole is enjoying such impressive growth.

There are over 2,000 component manufacturers based across the UK employing in excess of 78,000 people. These businesses provide products for all kinds of clients, including front line car makers such as BMW, Jaguar Land Rover and Aston Martin. The success of these companies is an indication of how great British engineering is and the amount of innovations that take place here.

Large front line vehicle manufacturers choose to work with specialist component makers because they have expertise and can create products to suit a wide array of specifications. They have more flexibility and can focus on creating an innovative design that meets the highest quality standards. On top of this they can also create spare parts for vehicles when they are needed. There is always big demand for these so companies can enjoy great stability.

Component makers constantly push technological boundaries, helping to take the whole motor industry forward. They invest in resources to help them achieve this, including the right equipment and a skilled workforce.

The industry is facing a problem though; a skills shortage is looming. This puts pressure on businesses to ensure they recruit the right people in a timely manner. Fortunately at John Gibson Associates we can help businesses to determine their requirements and find the right people to take up the motor industry jobs they create. As a result we can play our part in helping performance to continue and even reach the next level in many cases.

The recruitment benefits a strong work culture can offer in the motor trade

Companies in the motor trade vary substantially, even those that take on the same role. Look at two manufacturers, a pair of dealers or even a couple of logistics specialists and you’ll see huge differences in their organisation, culture and philosophy. The uniqueness is crucial, particularly when it comes to recruitment and filling jobs.

A strong culture is a big benefit for a business in the motor trade. The stronger it is and the more employees engage with it the better. It ensures the workforce is focused on the goals and objectives of the company and all heading in the right direction. This encourages success and job satisfaction.

The working culture can bring big rewards when it comes to recruiting to fill motor trade jobs. Everybody wants to work at a company that values its employees and makes them feel part of something much bigger. By promoting this as well as participation and opportunities for growth, creativity and advancement, companies can attract the very best candidates.

The biggest benefit of being able to attract the top people for roles is that businesses can be really selective with their appointments. This is fantastic and it means the motor trade jobs can be filled by the very best people. Ultimately it puts the business in a positive position for the present and the future.

At John Gibson Associates we have a huge amount of experience with recruiting in the motor trade industry. We have been involved in it for decades and offer bespoke solutions for each and every client. You can call on us for help with identifying needs and finding the perfect people for jobs. We will advise you about promoting your work culture and the benefits it can offer.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us. We are a market leader and have a wealth of recruiting experience to call on. We aim to help each client get the very best from their recruits, regardless of the level they are recruiting for.

The world of ever-evolving companies

For nearly 30 years John Gibson Associates has assisted the automotive industry in finding the correct individuals for jobs, ensuring they have the right talents. Roles in the sector can’t be undertaken by just anyone, they require you to have the right skill set and attitude towards your work. We help companies by putting all prospective employees through a series of tests that look at their personalities and how they would perform in certain areas of the job.

Everyone seems to be getting more involved in the automotive industry these days and Amazon is no exception. The online retailer is pushing itself rather deeply into the car parts market and auto industry with a new website. This new site consists of images, reviews and specifications on thousands of both vintage and newer car models.

Customers are free to research cars on the new Amazon Vehicles site; they don’t have to buy. The site is designed to complement the other initiatives in the works by the retail giant. Amazon Automotive, a marketplace featuring a myriad of vehicle parts and accessories, and Amazon Garage, which allows shoppers to save vehicles in their profiles to make finding the right parts easier, are some of the initiatives.

With companies evolving and branching out into different areas, it is important that employees are knowledgeable about the latest updates to the services that they provide. The automotive sector is also evolving and with our assistance, we can look at everyone who is interested in joining a business and determine who has the right talents for the role.

At John Gibson Associates we vet and interview every candidate before we refer them onto a company, saving the client time and the frustration that comes with finding the right people. Should it turn out that the individual isn’t right for you in the end, our 6 month guarantee ensures that we will find someone else who will fulfil your requirements. Clients can rely on us to find the right staff to take on a variety of automotive jobs.

Exploring soft skills in motor trade recruitment

The motor trade industry in the UK is in a very interesting position at the moment. It is enjoying impressive growth and numerous companies are seeking to expand, increasing their workforce and looking at how they can progress as a business. The problem with this is that it is believed that the candidate pool is relatively poor. This is a bad situation considering there are a rich number of vacancies on offer.

The problem is crying out for a solution that will help businesses in the motor trade to find the candidates they want.

The Rio 2016 Olympic Games has provided a number of fantastic moments, including world records being broken and new talents emerging. It is interesting to look at what makes athletes successful. Naturally a combination of talent, training and equipment come in to play, but what else is required? Soft skills like drive, passion, ambition, desire, and self belief are all necessary. In fact they are vital to success.

The above can easily be applied to motor trade recruitment. Many recruiters and businesses focus on the talent, training, qualifications and experience of candidates but don’t explore the soft skills they possess. If they looked at these they could find that a number of the applicants are more attractive propositions.

This raises the problem of how you look for soft skills because they typically don’t appear on a CV. Exploring these needs to be done in interviews or during tests prior to this. In both cases it is important to ask the right questions and give candidates the chance to explain what other vital skills they have, including drive, instincts and self-awareness.

At John Gibson Associates we already understand the importance of soft skills and have checked candidates for them for a number of years. We use personality testing as well as interviews to explore them, gathering as much information as we can about each person. This allows us to put the best people forward to our clients.

The changing role of a vehicle repair technician

In a previous article we discussed how the skill requirements of engineers had changed over the last few years, particularly in the automotive sector. The same is true of vehicle repair technicians. They are charged with the upkeep and maintenance of a variety of vehicles and as a result have to deal with the new technologies featured in them. Their skills need to expand a great deal in response to this.

Repairing vehicles today is at once an easier and more challenging job. This may be a strange concept to grasp but it is accurate. Technicians now have access to more technology than ever and can use computers to run diagnostics on vehicles. These can help to find problems and even fix them if the issue is caused by software. In order to do this they need to have the right skills and training.

Alongside the more advanced skills vehicle technicians also need the traditional ones that have been required in the sector for decades. The technician will need to do everything from changing oil to replacing tyres and conducting inspections. This means they require more training than before and a higher set of qualifications.

Repair technicians are highly sought throughout the automotive industry because their services are so vital in the safe continued running of vehicles. The role can give people the chance to build a great career and earn fantastic rewards in terms of salary and advancement opportunities.

At John Gibson Associates we offer automotive recruitment services to clients throughout the whole of the UK. We work with a number of dealerships and independent garages too, helping each to find the right candidates. Whether you are looking for a master technician, an apprentice looking to train and learn, or a candidate in between the two, we can help you to find the right person for the job.

With our help you can attract the right candidates and enjoy an efficient, streamlined recruiting service. Our team are highly skilled and focus on delivering the maximum value for each client.

Your guide to an engineering career in the automotive sector

Over the years we have gone out of our way to make sure that people are 100% aware of our commitment to finding the best recruits for motor industry jobs. We focus on satisfying the needs of businesses and prospective employees alike, providing a service designed to benefit both.

To help, our agency has every prospective candidate pass through a series of examinations to learn more about their skills and personality. We can use this information to support businesses as they choose the right candidates and even to help people select the right career route.

If you are the type of individual who possesses a technical mind and has an interest in engineering the motor trade offers one of the widest arrays of career opportunities. Engineers are employed throughout the industry in all manner of roles, from manufacturing different types of vehicle to repairing them. People with a background in engineering can even go on to designing, employing their knowledge to develop new products.

Since projects need to be completed not only on their budget but by deadlines as well, engineers must have a mix of commercial and engineering skills. This is very important and businesses check candidates carefully to ensure they have the right ones. We support them in this, taking a close look at each prospective employee and only putting the very best ones forward.

Should you possess the drive and determination needed to go the distance in an engineering career, you will find that it can be quite a lucrative one. The salaries tend to be very impressive and many companies work hard to ensure they secure the most talented people. As part of this they can invest heavily in training and up-skilling as well as offering opportunities for career progression.

At John Gibson Associates we aim to relieve the stresses that businesses face when recruiting new talent by providing them with only the most suitable candidates. Looking at how they act in terms of work safety, sales and how their personality affects their performance, our tests give us the means to identify the best candidates with ease. For the finest recruits we are the agency to call.

Technological change and skill requirements go hand in hand

The needs of employers all over the world are changing alongside technological development. The relationship has arisen because as businesses invest in new technology and equipment they need staff with the skills to use it effectively. Therefore the workforce and any prospective candidates for jobs need to ensure they have these relevant skills.

The engineering sector has seen some of the biggest changes in terms of skills requirements. A traditional skill set is still required but alongside this many engineers are expected to have IT skills so they can utilise the new devices and equipment at their disposal. The demands mean that employs need to undergo more training and ensure they have the right competencies.

The expansion of the number of skills demanded by engineering firms is particularly prominent in the motor industry. This is a sector that is heavily driven by technological development. It helps to improve manufacturing techniques, allows more flexibility with design, and creates vehicles that are safer, more connected and packed with extra features. To make these vehicles employees need to have the necessary skill set.

Safety systems in cars are a good example of how far demands have changed. Traditionally these systems were controlled mechanically, using valves, levers and hydraulics. Creating and fixing these required traditional skills. Now many of them are controlled electronically. It takes different training to program the systems and check them. As a result a wider skill set is needed.

At John Gibson Associates we have provided recruitment services for the motor trade sector for over twenty five years. We have seen the expansion of skills mentioned above and helped numerous clients to recruit the right staff. We work closely with each client, helping them to determine what openings they have and what they want from an ideal candidate. We then set about finding the right person to take on the motor trade jobs that are created.

The skills of engineers in the motor trade industry will continue to expand as technological change continues. We will proudly be on hand to help clients to address their needs and take on the recruitment challenges for them.

Great teamwork can go a long way

With nearly three decades worth of experience specialising in finding the right people for automotive jobs, our recruitment agency can assist you in finding your perfect recruits. With the extensive testing and interviews that we put our candidates through, we can be sure of which ones to refer to you to suit your brief.

Every company should be aware of the concept of teamwork, as it is a vital function to the success of every establishment, including those in the automotive sector. Teamwork is utilised in many different industries to boost performances, company culture and employee unity. Companies such as those in the motor industry that must frequently develop new products and ideas via a project-based approach bring teams together to share responsibilities.

Because of the problem solving synergy gained from numerous minds working at once, teamwork cannot be underestimated in the automotive sector. When only one person works on your company’s issue, they only have their personal experiences to help them. Sometimes this may not be enough and so recruiting people with a thorough knowledge of the issue may be the perfect solution. By working together, team members can pool together their resources to come up with unique and fresh ideas for your business.

Teamwork also acts as the backbone of effective communication within a multitude of environments. A lack of communication could increase the time it takes to complete one of your projects so you want to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Teamwork promotes communication between your staff regarding the problems at hand, likely preventing your recruits from working in opposite directions.

At John Gibson Associates we look at each individual candidate’s strengths in relation to their preferred role. Teamwork is one of the areas that we look at and before we refer the candidates to our clients, we make sure that their team skills are strong.

We have a unique approach to recruiting that our clients really appreciate. Our reputation and ability to find the right people for a myriad of roles has made us one of the leaders in our field. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

The outlook for graduate recruitment

Graduate recruitment is a good sign of economic stability because it shows companies investing in talented, newly qualified members of staff. In the UK the latest figures from researchers XpertHR Benchmarking for 2016/2017 make really good reading in this regard. They show that 86% of employers will be looking to recruit this kind of staff or have already done so.

To put the statistic into perspective it is a good idea to look at the recruitment results for the previous year. In 2015/2016 graduate recruitment had fallen to 75% with employers worrying about economic conditions and the calibre of candidates on offer. The rise this year is therefore impressive and shows a much better outlook from businesses.

On top of this according to the data only one employer in every ten will be seeking to recruit fewer graduates than they did last year. On the other hand 45% of employers are expected to be looking to hire more graduate level employees.

In the motor trade graduate recruitment remains very strong. Businesses like to recruit graduates because they are highly skilled and ready to build a career. The candidates may lack experience but this can be viewed as a positive in some regards because it means the employer can teach them their own method of doing things.

Employers in the motor trade use a wide array of methods to recruit graduates including making use of social media, links with universities and career service providers. Each employer should create a dynamic recruitment strategy focused on satisfying their needs. At John Gibson Associates we can help with this, giving our clients the support they need to find candidates who match their criteria.

JGA is a leader at motor trade recruitment and can address the needs of each client effectively. With our help you can simplify and streamline the process, unlocking a range of benefits as a result. We are well established and have a great deal of experience to call on to ensure our clients are satisfied.