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New facilities can mean new vacancies

For 25 years we have helped so many companies find the recruits that are just right for their vacancies. The automotive sector is one of the toughest industries in the world and it requires the most skilled of individuals to correctly do each job. Our role involves an extensive look into all prospective recruits to determine which will perform to the highest standards.

Every automotive recruitment company needs the right premises do their job right and Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is no exception. JLR executives have met with Ford and BMW representatives over proposed plans to build a battery plant here in the UK. The plant in question is said to have the capacity to supply parts for several thousand vehicles. JLR, to help compete with rivals, is accelerating plans for EVs to meet tougher CO2 regulatory requirements and to compete with Tesla Motors. They may also be planning to launch an electric Jaguar crossover according to reports. With the help of the talented recruits that we can supply, targets like this could very well be met.

According to financial analysts Evercore ISI, it would make sense for JLR to seek a partnership with other automakers. By doing this they can share the high costs of battery production and development. The new proposed plant would also be a huge confidence booster for the UK and it would lessen the financial headwinds for Ford and BMW, according to the analysts. In addition, new facilities present new opportunities for creation of automotive jobs, which is what we dedicate ourselves to filling with only the very best of candidates.

At John Gibson Associates we look at areas such as personality, sales skills and safety awareness when screening prospective employees. We understand more than anyone how important it is to have the right staff in the automotive industry, which is why we dedicate ourselves fully to our work. We are in the perfect position to offer support to each and every client.

If you would like further information about our approach to recruitment or our extensive knowledge of the challenges presented by the automotive industry please contact us.

Recognising excellence in social media

For nearly three decades, our business has had the honour of supplying the very best candidates for the numerous vacancies that have existed in the motor industry in the UK. To help businesses save time, money and frustration, we interview and vet all prospective employees before we refer them to our clients. This sets us apart from other recruiters and has helped us as we built our reputation as a leader in our field.

As businesses evolve, different practices are put into place within the company to help improve profits and performance. The motor industry is no different and has seen big changes in terms of marketing and engaging with their target audience. Social media networks have brought businesses and consumers closer together, creating countless opportunities. Businesses have needed to look to staff with knowledge of these to make the right impact and create a sound strategy.

This year’s Motor Trader Industry Awards celebrated the work that companies have done in terms of social media. In fact they had a category specifically dedicated to it. The prize was won by a Ford franchise based across the North and East Midlands. They were one of six shortlisted finalists in the category and won because of their innovative and dynamic use of various channels.

The Motor Trader Industry Awards are prestigious and highly sought. That they have one specifically for social media usage shows how important the networks are to performance, particularly when it comes to customer service and building close relationships with audiences. Companies from across the motor industry can enjoy great rewards for investing in staff with good knowledge of the channels and the rewards they can offer.

At John Gibson Associates we have a huge amount of experience when it comes to recruiting the right people to take on motor industry jobs. We can work with clients to find the perfect person for each role, whether it is a technical one, related to customer service, regarding management, or for marketing. We have extensive experience and keep a close eye on the industry so we can offer up to date advice and recruitment services for all kinds of roles.

Creating Business Opportunities As Solutions To Electric Car Problems

One of the most significant developments in the automotive sector over the last decade or so has been the rise of electric powered cars. Years of testing and development has paid off to the point that we now have vehicles which can travel a significant distance on one fully charged battery cycle, with the electrical charging now being both efficient and economically viable. One of the few remaining problems that prevent zero emission electric cars being more widely used is the lack of facilities across the country to charge cars. This is something which is being addressed, and further is being done so in a way that shall further expand recruitment requirements.

At present there are only a limited number of places where motorists can sufficiently charge up their electric cars in order to travel for a significant number of miles. Whilst some efforts have been made to provide the service, they have so far not been enough to really encourage the take up of this form of car. We are aware, for example, of a multi storey car park in the North East that has installed charging points for cars to power up as they are parked. Whilst this is highly admirable, sadly only 2 bays feature this – some 0.25% of the capacity of the car park.

This problem is being addressed by a number of people. One chain of motorway stations is exploring the ways in which fair and reasonably priced charging points can be made available. In addition, well known British entrepreneur David Lloyd is currently seeking financing and investors for the installation of dedicated electric car points across the country. A wider availability of charging stations is considered crucial to further promoting the use of electric cars to motorists. The creation of a network of charging spots would also directly create more opportunities in terms of available motor trade jobs.

The way in which the British motor industry has addressed the problems associated with electric cars is quite remarkable. The solution is one which not only makes charging more convenient for owners; it also creates the opportunity and potential for new jobs and careers. It is fair to say that this is an example of the how and why the work which has transformed the British automotive sector into such a remarkable success story.

Strong Automotive Sector Performance Expected To Continue

It would be fair to say that the growing levels of demand for recruitment services in the automotive sector has, for the most part, come about as a consequence of the impressive performance of the British industry. The success has come from growth in the three markets which are of most significance in the present day – domestic, European and international. Although developments during 2016 have had some bearing on projections for the future of the sector, there is an across the board level of agreement that growth will remain as being sustainable.

The UK automotive sector is, at this time, in an unequalled position. In respect of trade with Europe, it is the case that the mainland is more reliant on us in terms of exports and sales. This is something reflected in our strong domestic motor trade performance, and is recognized by other international manufacturers. An example of this last point can be seen in the view Asian based car brands have of the UK. They see the British market as being crucial to both sales and parts production, and have invested heavily accordingly.

We would be doing a disservice if we didn’t acknowledge the concerns many have about all aspects of life in the face of changes in our society and economy. It would, however, be a similar disservice if we chose not to highlight the factors which have led to the current success experienced in the automotive sector, and indeed how those factors continue to be of great significance going forward.

The current forecast for the future of the British automotive industry is one which remains to have a positive vision of sustained growth and success. The domestic market is anticipated to stay strong and the international community see us as being the most preferential location for both sales and production. From our perspective, we look forward to providing a great many more years of recruitment services, helping clients to find the perfect people to take on automotive jobs.

Understanding the recruitment timeline

At John Gibson Associates we offer specialist recruitment services for the motor trade industry, working very hard to satisfy the needs of all kinds of clients. Whatever the role we are confident we have the skills and experience to find the right candidates for you. Working with us means you can expect a first rate service every time and benefit from the extensive knowledge we possess.

One area we always advise clients about is the recruitment timeline. Hiring new staff naturally takes time because there are so many steps involved in the process. Typically it will go a little something like this;

1) Identify staff needs
2) Create a recruitment plan including deciding where ads will be placed
3) Settle on a brief
4) Implement the plan
5) Review applicants and create a shortlist
6) Conduct interviews
7) Select a recruit
8) Finalise the hire

The process can prove to be very long, especially when you consider how much time is needed at each stage. It is important to be aware of the timeline and ensure you recruit at the right point. If possible you should be recruiting as early as possible when you identify a need. The last thing you want is to go through the process and then find the market has changed and additional staff are no longer as crucial.

We can help clients in the motor trade to dramatically speed up the recruitment process thanks to our extensive experience and database of quality candidates. You can come to us with an idea of your needs and we will find potential recruits for you, saving you a great deal of time. We already have the details of numerous talented people looking to work in the industry and can create and place adverts in the most fitting places for you if you want to look beyond this.

Whatever your needs we are confident we can help you to cut your recruitment timetable and get the right staff in place within a shorter timeframe. You’ll have professional advice from us throughout and work with a highly experienced recruiter. Our focus is always on delivering the very best value for you, both in terms of our service and the quality of the candidates we find for you.

If you have any questions about motor trade recruitment please make us your number one call. We will share our knowledge and set about designing the right service for you.

A future growth strategy for sales

Chorley Group, the Lancashire based dealers with franchises across the North West recently revealed they were setting up their own Trainee Sales Academy. The move is designed to help nurture new talent, giving people the chance to learn, improve their skills and ultimately work to secure a career path. The approach is an interesting one and can offer big advantages when it comes to automotive recruitment in the future.

The Chorley Group faces some big challenges with recruiting because of the fact that they deal with such a wide array of makes and models of vehicles. Their franchises include Kia, Nissan, Fiat and Hyundai, as well as dealing with an array of others. This means that the sales team needs to be up to speed with the variety of different cars they may be selling. Knowledge is crucial in sales and each member of the team needs to ensure they can answer the questions of customers and advise them effectively.

Typically it would require a period of time for a new seller to get up to speed, learning the things they need to about the products they are selling. With the Trainee Sales Academy, Chorley Group can ensure the people that take up roles in the future have a good foundation of knowledge. They can also make sure that they know the specific attitudes and systems the company has in place when it comes to selling.

An additional benefit of the Academy is the fact that it gives the Group access to a pool of talent with energy and enthusiasm. This can offer a number of advantages including new insights and ideas.

The strategy fits with the Group’s plan for future growth. It is also an expansion of the close links they already have with colleges in the region. The approach is definitely worth looking at, particularly when it comes to the challenging world of sales. The trainees will receive good training and an advantage over competitors also thinking of starting out on a new career in the sector.

At John Gibson Associates we always enjoy seeing businesses investing in talent and looking to the future. We know how important this is, particularly with automotive recruitment.

Recognising the equal abilities of every employee

Determining the best recruits from the talent pools to fill motor industry jobs will not be easy without proper examination. Fortunately, our specialist recruitment team has a series of extensive tests in place to determine a candidate’s suitability for the role that they are interested in.

Women are as important in the motor industry as their male counterparts and as such they are also recognised for their achievements. At an Autocar awards event in Central London, the leading British women working in the global car industry have been celebrated. The Great British Women in the Car Industry awards might be a mouthful but they identified winners in ten categories, in addition to announcing the 100 most influential in the sector. The event is fantastic for showcasing the fact that talent is not gender specific.

Another prime goal of these awards is to raise the awareness of the many opportunities available in this sector. Businesses are looking for talent in production, engineering, design, retail roles, marketing and communication. While it’s true that investments have been made in regards to training and apprenticeships, many companies are struggling to recruit and keep up the pace of their growth. Approximately 5,000 vacancies have remained unfilled within the industry, with 19% of them being considered critical to operations. This is where recruitment specialists such as us come in handy as we not only offer the opportunity to search for vacancies, but we test each individual candidate’s suitability for their preferred role.

At John Gibson Associates we make sure that candidates have all of the right qualities that are required for this industry. Finding the right amount of talent isn’t a simple process, but with our help you can be assured that the recruits you choose are the correct ones. We work across the nation and have a database of very talented people. This means in many cases we can speed up the hiring process and ensure you get the best staff in place promptly.

Focusing on skills in the automotive industry

The automotive sector offers a wide array of career opportunities in a variety of different disciplines. It is truly diverse, letting you get into sales, manufacturing, design, marketing, and management too. You can choose the path that matches your interests but still be involved in an industry that is focused on moving forward and developing new technologies.

One thing that becomes clear about the automotive sector right away is the skills demand. This is apparent with every type of role but none more so than manufacturing and engineering ones. People in these positions need to be very well trained to ensure they meet quality requirements. It is also important they are skilled for safety reasons. The last thing companies want is to see the risk of injuries and accidents rising because people lack the correct training and skill set.

The fast pace of the automotive industry makes safety and training even more important. Technologies are changing all the time, resulting in new tools, machinery and techniques. Each company needs to stay up to date with these and keep their staff properly trained.

When it comes to training it is important that each session is delivered in the correct way. You want to engage with your staff and compel them to learn. This will help them to absorb and remember the information, providing a much higher standard of learning. You definitely want to avoid offering training that seems just like you are reading a manual.

With such big skills demands in place it is important that each company gets their recruitment right. This is true both in terms of the people who will be taking on the roles as well as those who will be responsible for providing training. You want to ensure everybody has the ability to do their job to the very best standards.

At John Gibson Associates we are well placed to help people recruit to fill motor trade jobs. We have a wealth of experience and have been focused solely on the sector for a number of years. This gives us a huge amount of knowledge and the ability to provide the right service for you. If you need help with recruiting please contact us. We will only put candidates forward with the relevant skills to suit your brief.

Recruitment services for showrooms

The UK is home to a number of automotive showrooms catering for every make you can imagine. There are many noteworthy ones that strive to offer a high quality service to customers in order to encourage them to make a purchase. The newest of these can be found in Poole.

Ocean Automotive was fourteen months in the making. With the grand opening in July the £14.5 million 65,000 sq ft showroom became the largest Audi centre in the UK. The new facility is less than a mile from the former site but marks huge growth in the business. The new building is almost four times the size of the original. It has space for 24 vehicles to be displayed prominently indoors as well as a 24 bay workshop, two MOT zones and vehicle valet and repair facilities.

The new showroom has a number of fantastic facilities for customers to use whilst they are waiting too. They can visit the onsite gym or enjoy a complimentary treatment at the beauty salon. Not many other showrooms go this far to ensure customers have a fantastic experience.

The grand opening of the facility was a huge event and included a number of special guests. Three times Le Mans winner Allan McNish was there, celebrating the motorsport heritage of Audi. All of the guests were also delighted by a special performance from Beverley Knight MBE.

Ocean Automotive created 20 additional automotive jobs at their new site, taking the total workforce to 110. These roles are diverse, including positions in sales, hosting, finance, parts and servicing too. The entire team is taking in a three week initiation period before doors open to customers so they can familiarise themselves with the new property and the cutting edge systems in place.

At John Gibson Associates we provide a comprehensive recruitment services for clients in the automotive sector. We are very well placed to help showrooms because we can find staff to fill all kinds of role, including sales, servicing, and finance too. We even recruit for management and marketing teams.

How Environmentally Friendly Is The UK Automotive Industry?

We’ve often used our news section to speak of the importance of innovation and development in the motor trade, and of just how crucial making the correct appointments to motor industry jobs are in respect of this. A recently released report has provided some valuable information which allows us to give you an insight into one of the ways in which this is important. This is with regards to the environmental impact of the sector, and the work being done to reduce it.

There’s no hiding from the fact that any production based industry carries with it some form of environmental impact. The more successful it is then the bigger that impact will be. With the UK automotive sector being so very successful at this stage it would be reasonable to assume that, as a consequence, the impact would be significant. It will come as a pleasant relief to you to learn that, in the face of increased production levels, the UK automotive industry has worked to actually reduce the level of impact.

The 2015 environmental survey by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has shown an overall fall in the use of energy and water, as well as a significant reduction in the amount of waste generated. The year-to-year consolidated figures show that 0.1% less energy was used to make a single car than was the case in 2014, and further that water use was reduced by more than 7.5%. It was, however, in the reduction of waste where the most impressive figure was achieved, with waste to landfill sites reduced by nearly 25%.

Achieving this remarkable – and highly valuable – level of reduction would be impressive in a stagnant market. It is all the more of a credit to the industry that these figures have been attained despite a stark increase in production volumes.

One of the key factors in achieving this has been the appointment of staff dedicated to making a real difference. Motor trade recruitment has evolved to address every important aspect of the industry. We have been proud to have been at the forefront of this approach, and are delighted that our services have contributed to these magnificent environmental achievements.