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Is an apprenticeship the best way into work for young people?

The process of hiring a new employee is something that must not be taken lightly. If the wrong candidate is hired, it can ruin the image of your company and cause big problems. At John Gibson Associates, we specialise in automotive recruitment and we have various processes in place to ensure that prospective candidates are right for the job.

Apprenticeships are a very effective way to get into work. They offer aspiring individuals the edge needed to truly shine in the job market and experience that is essential to their chosen profession. Lander Automotive are fully aware of the potential of apprenticeships and are aiming to recruit at least 180 apprentices over the next two years. Growing a business through recruiting younger talent offers the opportunity to regenerate the workforce with new people with a fresh outlook. With apprentices, a company can create a multi-skilled workforce with the capabilities to further develop the business and create more job opportunities within the community.

There are many benefits to taking the apprenticeship route into work. They provide the opportunity to earn while you learn from experienced staff, along with access to the same benefits as others such as pension contributions and leisure facilities. Aside from learning from experienced professionals, you will be trained externally at college or with specialist training providers. The modules that you study provide knowledge that is essential to your career. By completing an apprenticeship, you will be gaining a nationally recognised qualification, with some of the higher levels being on par with a degree.

The team here at John Gibson Associates provides various job opportunities in the automotive industry. Tests are conducted that look at a candidates personality, how well they would perform in different work scenarios and how safety conscious they are. It is our mission to ensure that the candidates are fully prepared and qualified for the job so that clients can recruit the right people.

Warranty Administration Can Deliver Client Service Excellence

A key way in which car dealerships ensure their businesses grow and experience sustained success is by presenting superior client service levels. The high levels of demand for new cars we presently have certainly stimulate the market, but capturing the sales from this set of circumstances requires you to be the best option available for consumers. In this respect, one should not overlook the value which a warranty administrator brings to a business.

The traditional view of warranty administration would be to focus on the latter part of the name. In days gone by it was a formal, clear cut administrative function, with work being either approved or declined in a very black and white way on the basis of the sale agreement. Today sees far more focus on the warranty aspect of the job title. The terms and conditions of warranties on new cars, and the details of what exactly gets covered by it, have been identified as a potentially powerful selling tool. Consumers are using warranties as a deciding factor in regards of where they purchase a car, in terms of both what is covered and how fairly the dealership applies it.

With the above in mind, it is quite easy to see how the role of warranty administrator is one which is crucial to the promotion of your brand and your business. In terms of motor industry jobs, this position requires someone with considerable talent, as they would need to balance realistic business offerings against customer expectations, and yet achieve it in a way which sees customers left completely satisfied with what they experience. The ideal candidate for the role needs to have outstanding administrative skills which are complemented by an ability to successfully handle customer management duties.

Despite there being no formal degree or qualification for working in warranty administration, it is clearly the case that not everyone has the ability to deliver in the role. Our in-depth and comprehensive recruitment services are focused on knowing the ideal qualities a candidate must have in order to succeed in a role. If your dealership is presently seeking someone to bring excellence in performance to the role of a warranty administrator, we are the people to ensure you find them.

Goodwood Festival Informs As Much As It Entertains

The 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed has passed and proven to be, as is usually the case, a huge success. This event, now into its third decade, is as much about celebrating the rich history of automotive excellence in Goodwood as it is looking forward to and embracing the future. Whilst at a glance the event might suggest that it is run purely for the thrill, the fun and the enjoyment of motorcars, in truth the festival serves as an important indicator for trends and advancement in the automotive sector.

Most people would associate the Goodwood Festival of Speed with the fantastic spectator events, in particular the timed hill climb and, in recent years, the forest rally. These are quite remarkable to watch, and present the kind of challenges which passionate drivers thrive upon. Although neither we nor anyone else would doubt that such events are the main draw, this does not detract from the other aspects of the weekend. It has become the case that, with increasing emphasis as each year passes, the festival is the place where major manufacturers show off the latest innovations, styles and designs for their brands.

It is in this respect that one can see how wonderfully entertaining events like this are something that those seeking motor trade jobs must be aware of. As thrilling and exciting as watching the cars in action can be, it is important to pay close attention to the developments and changes revealed at the event by the leading manufacturers. The coming together of virtually all of the major names in the motor industry over the course of the event weekend allows one a fantastic opportunity to become informed of the direction the sector is going.

Those of us within the motor industry know how fortunate we are that our passion and interest is also our profession. The Goodwood Festival of Speed is an event which allows us to both celebrate the magnificent achievements made with automobiles and to gain important knowledge about the future of the sector. All people in motor industry jobs – whether involved in design, manufacturing, sales or services – can learn a great deal from the displays we saw at the 2016 festival.

A headline story for electric vehicles

The developments in electric vehicle technology have been incredible over the last few years. The research and development has resulted in a wider choice of vehicles with many different manufacturers launching models powered by electricity. It has also improved existing vehicles, particularly in terms of range thanks to more powerful batteries.

Electric vehicles reached a new milestone recently when a racing car designed and built by a Swiss team of student engineers broke the acceleration world record for a battery powered vehicle. The car is known as the grimsel and cut about a quarter from the existing record when it hit 100 kph in just 1.513 seconds.

The grimsel smashed the previous record of 1.779 seconds to reach 100 kph. This had been set in 2015 by a team from the University of Stuttgart. The team behind the new record holder comes from ETH Zurich and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Lucerne. Thirty students spent a year designing, developing and manufacturing parts for the vehicle. Almost all of the components were custom built. The only ones that weren’t were the battery cells, tyres and motors.

The most impressive aspect of the grimsel’s design is the four wheel drive system. Each wheel has a powerful motor attached to it to deliver fantastic acceleration. These are controlled by a cutting edge traction system that has the ability to control each motor in order to maximise traction on every wheel. The end result was the new record.

This will be fantastic news for the electric car industry and will offer inspiration to manufacturers all around the world. It shows what the technology can achieve and that there are a number of incredible ideas floating around. The wider industry could benefit if companies choose to invest more in the technology, potentially creating new automotive jobs in the process.

The Role Of Marketing Executive In The Automotive Sector

Over the last few years we – along with other leading sources for news in respect of the automotive sector – have taken delight in being able to report on the positive performance of the industry. With production, exports and sales all reflecting sustained growth it is possible that an impression has been created of this success being somehow self-generated. This is of course not the case at all, with momentous levels of hard work ensuring the current situation has been secured.

There are many levels of and forms in which this hard work has been carried out. One of the most significant of these is the one quite frequently overlooked – businesses promoting and marketing themselves. Whilst demand for new vehicles (both commercial and private) has of course played a substantial part of increased sales, companies have had to work hard to ensure that consumers come to them. The main consequence of this has been an increased demand for marketing executives within the automotive sector.

The growing requirement for marketing executives reflects how diverse the work we do in terms of motor trade recruitment really is. Whilst it would be fair of anyone to assume that jobs normally means careers in fields such as engineering, design and customer services, the truth is that there are few skills or disciplines which are not required within the sector. Our work in finding the very best candidates for all roles within the automotive industry are trusted to meet all requirements of businesses operating in it.

We are proud to present a number of high profile marketing executive roles available on behalf of some of the most distinguished brand names working in the automotive sector. The challenge these roles present to candidates is formidable, but then this is exactly what motivates a successful candidate. It is, of course, also true that the rewards for success perfectly match the tough and competitive challenges the role comes with. If you believe that you have what is required to be a success in that position within the automotive industry, we can help you to find a role.

Investing in research and development can really pay off

Technological development in the automotive sector occurs at a rapid rate as designers and manufacturers strive to come up with cutting edge ideas. There are big developments on a regular basis, including the creation of electric powered vehicles, the emergence of automation technology, and the myriad of features designed for comfort and safety.

Wrexham based specialist Applied Component Technology (ACT) has invested a great deal into research and development in their search for a new material. They developed FibriRock, a biocomposite that utilised natural fibres combined with other materials to create a durable yet light composite. They envisage that it can be used to make parts for the interior and exterior of automobiles as well as use in the aerospace industry.

ACT has already seen a rise in sales and expects further increases throughout 2016 because of the huge array of uses for FibriRock. They are planning to expand their workforce to deal with the increase in orders. The current workforce is 65 strong at their 65,000 square foot facility in Wrexham. The plan is to recruit additional staff, adding 10% or more to the team. The roles they are creating will include managerial positions and injection mould setters to be involved in the manufacturing.

It is fantastic to see small and medium sized companies all along the supply chain in the UK actively seeking to find new employees. This shows how healthy the industry is and bodes well for the future too. The new jobs they create give people a great opportunity to start a career or progress to a higher position with a growing company.

At John Gibson Associates we are on hand to offer advice about automotive recruitment. We understand the market and the challenges that companies face, whether they are involved in manufacturing, logistics, aftercare, or sales. We can help each client to address their needs, find and then secure the perfect candidates for roles.

If you have any questions please contact us; an experienced member of our team will consult with you and go over the great benefits we can offer.

Identifying right candidate for each role

As you are aware, any job in the motor industry requires the most dedicated and skilled of candidates. At John Gibson Associates we aim to make the recruitment process easier by putting all prospective candidates through a series of tests to determine their suitability. This process offers some fantastic benefits, including helping to narrow down the field to applicants who will satisfy your needs.

There are a number of repair technicians taking on different types of motor industry jobs in the field. Each role is important. Service technicians check oil and fluid levels in addition to checking the major electrical and mechanical components for any faults. Diagnostic technicians use special tools to diagnose faults in the electrical, ignition and management systems and, with the rising complexity of automotive systems, the importance of their job keeps rising. Body repair technicians restore or replace warn out components depending on the amount of damage present.

Each of these roles requires the mechanic to be at their very best for both customer safety and satisfaction reasons. Knowing how to work on the vast amount of vehicles that need repairing is important and with 135 million cars travelling along the roads each day, businesses need to make sure that their employees are always up to standard.

While the maintenance aspect of the motor industry is a major focus, another very important part is sales. In order to sell anything, the individual must be self confident, knowledgeable and have an excellent selling ability. We put our candidates through a sales test to determine how they perform in different scenarios. After the test we produce a written report which shows strengths, weaknesses and offers guidance on how to better them. We feel this kind of training is very important to ensuring we put forward talented sellers for roles.

If you are in need of professional and competent employees our team can help provide the best recruits. By putting them through our various tests, we can assess each candidate’s suitability for the vacancies that you have on offer and choose the ones that stand out the most. This is an effective way of filling motor industry jobs.

British car owners love investing in vehicle aftercare

The automotive industry in the UK is one of the largest in the economy. One thing that contributes a huge amount to it is the fact that British car owners are immensely passionate about maintenance and ensuring that their vehicles are properly looked after. This supports a lot of businesses and motor trade jobs.

Recent figures from a report by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) show just how much drivers in the UK are likely to spend on their cars each year. They found that each owner will pay an average of £695.39 annually on repairs and maintenance. This is 12% more than the global average.

The vehicle aftercare market in the UK is huge, contributing over £12 billion to the economy every single year. There are thousands of businesses involved, and over 345,000 people working in the industry.

The SMMT report points out that businesses in the aftercare market will need to be aware of changes in the industry and adapt to them if they want to continue to be successful. This could lead businesses to look at what services drivers in the future will need and explore how they can satisfy their needs. In many cases they may need to look at recruiting to ensure they have the right staff numbers to meet demands.

At John Gibson Associates we have to be equally aware of changing demands and behaviours in the motor trade. This allows us to adapt our service to ensure we can offer the best support with recruitment for businesses throughout the industry. This is one of our core commitments and an area we put a great deal of effort into.

If you are a business involved in vehicle aftercare and need help addressing your staffing requirements you can rely on us to help. We have a unique approach, building a database of candidates that we can put forward for roles. This allows us to look closely at applicants and ensure they are suited for roles. We can speed up the recruitment process for you and offer outstanding candidates.

Automotive Industry Investment Levels Increase

In recent weeks we have been the bearers of some very positive news in regards of the British automotive sector. We are delighted to be able to continue with this, as some recently released research findings have shown that confidence remains high in the continued sustained success of the industry. One of the long term benefits of this is the continued creation and security of automotive jobs.

One story we reported on in the last month was that of changes made to financing in stage one of the supply chain to the automotive sector. Whilst the benefits of this financing are only expected to take effect within the next twenty four to thirty six months, the announcement of them alone has stimulated planning in respect of investment based on the new approach. A recent survey by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders showed that around one hundred businesses within the automotive supply chain intend to invest a combined figure of over £220 million in the industry across the next three fiscal years.

At this moment in time there are certain socio-economic factors which have caused many to have concerns about the UK’s economic future. These are well known matters, and the fact that both confidence and investment in the industry remain on the increase in the face of them underlines the level of stability achieved. It would be entirely reasonable to say that, no matter what changes may affect the wider UK economy going forward, business is very much of the opinion that the automotive sector will remain stable and successful.

From our perspective it is the case that we remain proud to play such a significant part in ensuring that high levels of investment reap rewards. The investments in the automotive sector are only effective if utilised properly. Major businesses have come to recognize that our approach to selecting candidates for automotive jobs delivers long term appointments – a factor crucial to achieving higher levels of productivity.

The success of the British automotive sector is something which, to an extent, we can all take pride in achieving. For those of us working within the industry, it is vital that we remain focused on harnessing investment in a way that allows maximum potentials to be met. Our services can help to deliver this.

A formula for employee success

A vital part of making the right appointment for a role is finding out which candidate best suits your needs. At John Gibson Associates we take all prospective candidates and put them through our interview process before referring them to you. We take on this responsibility in order to save you time, money and the frustrations that can come with motor trade recruitment.

In order to help identify the right candidate, we use our world-class personality profile tests. The occupational questionnaire offers the employer insight into the candidate and how they would behave in the workplace. This test allows employers to make specific comparisons between candidates and allows the candidate to identify the areas they need to work on.

Our sales excel questionnaire shows how well a candidate’s selling style works and how they perform in a sales environment. This lets businesses get a better idea of what they have to offer and how suited they are to a role.

The work safety questionnaire allows the candidate to display their knowledge about health and safety procedures and how conscious they are of the ones in effect at the workplace. This is important, especially when people apply for roles where there are hazards.

Prospective candidates can send in their CVs to us to start applying for roles. Once an application has been sent, one of our regional representatives will get in touch to discuss how they can help and will interview the candidate. One of our directors will then assess them to determine if they are sufficient for the role. Our 6 month guarantee on all of our placements ensures that if the employee doesn’t meet the company’s needs, we will find a more suitable choice.

We offer our clients only the very best candidates for each job. With over 25 years of experience behind us, we are guaranteed to find the right employee for you. If you wish to find out more about our services, then feel free to contact us.