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An increased international presence

The success of the British automotive sector over the last decade is a subject we’ve discussed quite often here on our site, and we look forward to discussing it for many more years to come. For now, we’d like to take a closer look at one of the factors which has helped ensure sustainable success in the industry: automotive companies from around the world increasing their presence within the UK. Continue Reading

Attractive new apprenticeship roles

Since 1971, GTG Training has been helping people to secure jobs in a variety of sectors, including automotive, transport, health and safety, and IT. They have become a household name over the years and provided such a high quality service that Arnold Clark Group purchased the business in 2003. Since then, they have continue to expand and advance, earning plaudits from numerous prestigious professional bodies. They are now firmly established as one of the leading training providers in the UK. Continue Reading

A new employment park for Northamptonshire?

Rockingham Motor Speedway is a unique track. It can be configured 13 different ways to create tracks to suit a wide array of vehicles, from touring cars to motorcycles. The banked oval track is renowned for being the fastest in Europe. The record was set in 2001 with the 1.47 mile track being completed in an astonishing 24.719 seconds. The average speed was over 215 mph. Continue Reading

Making the final decision on a candidate

Deciding on the right candidates is one of the most difficult jobs for any company owner. Challenges can arise not only when there’s a shortage of quality candidates, but also when there are too many of them applying for a single available position. When you’ve narrowed down the selection to a few outstanding candidates, how do you make the final decision and pick the one that will make the most beneficial new employee for your business? Continue Reading

Performance figures reveal industry success

There are unique dynamics which both create and cause the success of our automotive recruitment services. Sustained success is crucial for ensuring further employment opportunities can be created. For this reason, we always take a keen interest in facts and figures about the motor industry as soon as they are made available. The most recent performance figures have shown that the remarkable success of the sector has continued, and shows little signs of slowing down. Continue Reading

Demand is growing for VAG technicians

In the automotive sector, specialist engineers or technicians may often work exclusively with one particular make and model of vehicle. However, this is not always the case. In the present day, the skills and qualifications possessed by Volkswagen Auto Group (VAG) technicians are highly sought after for various different motor trade jobs. Continue Reading

A fantastic first year for the NEAA

On the 15th of April 2016, the North East Automotive Alliance (NEAA) celebrated its first year in operation. The organisation has enjoyed an incredible twelve months, attracting more than 130 automotive businesses from across the region to become members. The cluster quickly became the largest in the UK, responsible for over 30,000 direct automotive jobs and 141,000 more across the supply chain. Continue Reading

Make sure your vacancy is attracting the right people

No matter what industry you are involved in, your staff are the most valuable asset you have, and every automotive business wants to attract qualified, skilled workers. There have been numerous reports in the news about a skills shortage in the industry, and in the current climate it’s important that employers do all they can to make sure their vacancies appeal to the right people as much as possible. Our professional recruitment service can help you to achieve this. Continue Reading

A new initiative to cover the skills gap

In order to remain globally competitive, the UK’s automotive industry is always in need of new, skilled staff. Many businesses and organisations in the sector have taken steps to educate and recruit people, building the workforce of the future. As part of this, some of the world’s leading automotive brands have joined forces to launch the Automotive Apprenticeship Matching Service. Continue Reading

Reasons to consider an automotive apprenticeship

Leaving school can be a challenging time for young people as they try to decide on which path will be the best choice to lead them towards their chosen career. Apprenticeships are becoming an increasingly popular option, particularly in the last few years as university fees have increased. If you’re leaving school and are considering a future in the automotive industry, here are some of the reasons why an apprenticeship could be the right choice. Continue Reading