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More interviews do not necessarily mean more jobs

Most businesses understand the value of using a professional recruitment agency to find new staff. However, the quality of the service can vary hugely between different agencies. A common problem for many agencies is that they send out a high volume of candidates for interviews, but few of them are actually being hired. Continue Reading

Consumers must have confidence in sales staff

Research carried out by has revealed that success in the automotive sales sector lies in the strength of the four Rs: reputation, relationships, recommendations and rapport. When it comes to choosing cars, many buyers cite confidence in their dealer as a strong influence on their decision. Continue Reading

Management makes a difference

As we have discussed, the success of the British motor industry over the last few years has been largely attributed to huge improvements in recruitment processes. In order to reach success, it is vital to make sure companies employ the very best staff from the perspective of both their skills and their approach to the job. However, getting the right people into the right motor trade jobs is only part of the requirements. It is just as essential to get consistently excellent performance from staff, and to ensure that management positions are held by the most suitable people available. Continue Reading

New funding for cutting edge projects

2015 was a fantastic year for the automotive industry in the UK and 2016 has already started off on a great foot with new funding announced for a variety of projects. The Government has made a £74 million commitment to the sector to help promote the development of low carbon technologies. It is estimated that the funds will create 851 new automotive jobs, safeguard many existing ones and ultimately reduce CO2 emissions by 4.3 million tonnes. Continue Reading

Candidates will have greater power in 2016

CV-Library, the largest job site in the UK, has released some interesting data about the condition of the UK’s job market in 2015. The news seems to be largely positive, particularly the information that there was an average wage increase of 4.4% throughout the year. The automotive industry experienced one of the highest growth levels, coming in third behind construction and media. Continue Reading

Technology is crucial for the UK’s automotive industry

Across all industries, it is a universal fact that new technology becomes more affordable and widely used over time. While this is most visible in products that we purchase on a fairly frequent basis, such as smartphones and home entertainment systems, the importance of technology should never be overlooked in the automotive sector. Here in the UK, the adaptation of new technology has been a primary factor in the success of the motor industry over the last few years, and is seen as a significant factor to ensuring continued growth in the years ahead. Continue Reading

Young jobseekers are seeking a new start in 2016

A survey undertaken by the world’s largest job site, Indeed, has revealed that more than half of young adults search for a new job in January. 1,000 people were surveyed, and it emerged that 52% of people between the ages of 16 and 24 hope to find a new role at the beginning of the New Year. A third of people overall begin jobseeking at this time of the year. Continue Reading

Used car sales demand excellent service and knowledge

In previous blogs we’ve discussed how the sales of new cars have been steadily increasing over the last few years, but many people still choose to buy a used vehicle rather than a brand new one. Used cars are typically more affordable than new ones, as well as having lower depreciation levels, which makes them an appealing choice for many buyers. Continue Reading

McLaren’s jobs boost

The automotive industry in the UK received another boost recently when luxury sports car manufacturer McLaren revealed it would be creating 250 new jobs at its Woking factory. The company enjoyed an impressive 2015, announcing annual turnover of £475.5 million in June and experiencing rising demand for its vehicles. Last year they delivered 1,653 cars (with values ranging from £150,000 up to £900,000) to 30 countries around the world. Orders continue to arrive so the manufacturer made the move to invest in expanding their production. This means there will be some fantastic job opportunities in the coming year. Continue Reading

Motorsports are boosting the manufacturing of electric vehicles

For many years, car manufacturers pursued the transference of motorsports technology to production vehicles. The ability to achieve this increased significantly in 2014 with the hybridization of engines used in Formula One. The gas-sucking V-8s of F1 have been replaced by turbo-charged V-6s which are fully equipped with sophisticated hybrid systems. The current Le Mans champion uses a hybrid drivetrain as opposed to the V-12s that were used in the past. The changes have been welcomed in many areas of the automotive industry. Continue Reading