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The increase in demand for warranty administrators

Earlier in 2016 we published a news story about the increasing importance of the warranty administrator role within the motor industry. The article looked, in fairly broad terms, at both the requirements of the role and how our recruitment services benefit businesses in appointing the best people to the position. As there’s been a sharp increase in the number of appointments to this crucial role across the industry we thought it would be beneficial to have a closer look. Continue Reading

We’ll soon see more flashing lights on the roads

When you are looking for unique and talented individuals to fill motor trade jobs, a bit of help can go a long way. The team we employ can provide you with the assistance you need. By taking the time to visit your business, we can get a good idea of what success looks like to you and we can use this to find the perfect candidates to fill your vacancies. Continue Reading

Expanding operations after marvellous success

With thirty years of experience behind us, we know all the right moves to make when seeking out top quality candidates for automotive jobs. To accomplish our goals, we make use of our special personality tests, which seek to discover the areas in which each candidate is most proficient. Once we have our results, only those who most closely match up with our client’s requirements will be recommended to them. Continue Reading

Support for an environmentally friendly motor trade

The drive to be far more environmentally aware is, it would be fair to say, one of the defining factors of the British motor trade. The widespread knowledge and understanding we have of just how important it is to be more eco-friendly and responsible in all that we do has been adopted by the sector. This is reflected in both the far more resource efficient ways used to produce cars and in the production of vehicles which generate low to no emissions. Continue Reading

Advances in technology mean you need to keep your skills up to date

The developments in automotive technology have brought some big benefits to the world, increasing safety, energy efficiency, and comfort too. They have also offered advantages for the people who work on the vehicles, making it easier to diagnose problems and repair them. In order to do the latter though technicians need to be familiar with the equipment they are using and must have the right skills. Continue Reading

Success is dependent on a brilliant team

The motor trade, like many industries in the world, is one that requires quite a bit of talent in order to succeed in. We make it our job to locate candidates with the right characteristics by extensively screening applicants for a particular vacancy and seeing how well they would perform in an actual working situation. Once completed, we will recommend those who most closely match the specifications supplied to us by the company. Continue Reading

Strong performance recorded in the commercial vehicle sector

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) have recently released the registration and sales figures for commercial vehicles during November 2016. Once again the reports are positive, showing growth in both this specific sector and, as a consequence, across the British automotive sector as a whole. The numbers presented surpassed even the most optimistic of projections, with record breaking figures achieved in key areas. Continue Reading

The complex role of parts advisor

The role of a parts advisor must, to someone outside of the motor industry sector, look like a rather simplistic one. If you took the job title to be a job description it does sound quite a straightforward enough task. The fact of the matter is, however, that the role is very demanding – and one in which businesses have absolutely no margin for error in regards of who they employ to carry the work out. Continue Reading

The drive to digitisation in the automotive sector

We have in the past discussed the many benefits which advances in technology have brought to cars. It’s been truly remarkable to see changes which have, on the whole, made driving safer, more environmentally friendly and – perhaps above everything else – more pleasurable. Continue Reading