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BMW introduces a convenient online car purchase system

BMW has made a major move and become the first vehicle manufacturer to offer a digital sales solution to its customers. One of the major advantages of online shopping is that people can do it from any location, and BMW are now making car purchase just as easy. The online purchase service offers access to the entire product range as well as the full end-to-end buying or leasing process. Continue Reading

The challenge of successful sales in a strong market

The phenomenal rate of growth in car sales over the past three years has led many to consider embarking on a career in sales. If there’s such a high level of demand for vehicles, it seems like selling them must be as simple as taking money from all these willing buyers. However, this is far from the truth. In fact, a higher level of performance by car sales staff has been one of the key factors contributing to these increasing volumes. Our expert motor trade recruitment services have helped to facilitate this. Continue Reading

Award-winning Ford prioritises customer satisfaction

Ford of Britain were presented with the accolade for Manufacturer of the Year at the recent AM awards. This was a result of the excellent standard of engineering, dynamics and technology that the company has delivered to the mainstream. Ford has introduced a broad selection of products targeted a range of consumers, from the first-time vehicle buyer to the premium brand down-sizer. As an undeniably dominant force in the automotive industry, Ford has set out on a mission to strategically develop an innovative range of vehicles with added value for its customer base. Continue Reading

Social media can be a useful recruitment tool

Staying up to date with changes in technology is one of the most important factors for successful automotive recruitment, particularly when searching for prospective employees in fields such as engineering, design, research and development. As social media has become such a vital part of so many people’s lives, it offers the perfect opportunity for recruiters and employers to attract and inform job candidates. Continue Reading

The importance of MOT testers

Here in the UK, we are proud of our excellent record for road safety. In terms of the number of vehicles on the road and in relation to other nations, we have a thankfully low level of incidents. This is down to many possible factors including well taught, considerate drivers and well-maintained roads. One of the most important reasons is our MOT system, which ensures cars are legally safe to be on the road. Of the wide range of motor industry jobs available, a career as an MOT tester and technician is one that delivers great benefit to our society. Continue Reading

Helping the industry achieve sales success

The exceptional performance of our manufacturing sector is just one of the reasons why the UK automotive industry is so successful at the moment. While we can produce cars to a high standard, it is what happens after production which has brought higher levels of economic growth and success. Higher domestic sales and a significant increase in international exports have been crucial. Continue Reading

Using recruitment for sustainable success

It is widely known that the UK automotive industry currently ranks as having the highest productivity output levels across the European Union. With output measured at just over £70,000 per employee annually, the production and economic activity means our country is also a contender for having the strongest motor industry sector globally. While this success has grown over the last few years, there are some concerns about the potential for sustainability. Whereas we are clearly world leaders in the automotive sector, we are lagging behind in investment in Research & Development (R&D) for the future. Continue Reading

Implementing strategies to find qualified employees

As in any other industry, the motor trade depends on high quality employees who are fully qualified to complete the work at hand to the highest standards, whether they are involved in sales, design, engineering or any other field. As specialists in motor trade recruitment, we understand that for a company to be the best, it needs to have the best people working there. We also understand the difficulty of finding people with the right talents and qualifications for a specific role. This is why we implement the most effective techniques and strategies for finding the most outstanding candidates. Continue Reading

Planning for the introduction of AVs

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) have the potential to completely transform the modern automotive industry. They could make roads safer by reducing the number of accidents and also would have the power to reduce congestion by improving efficiency and travelling time. They could improve development by making outlying areas around big cities more accessible, potentially reducing overcrowding and the high property prices in these areas. Continue Reading

Toyota’s newest AI investment

Toyota has invested an incredible $1 billion to create a research company in Silicon Valley with the aim to develop cutting edge robotics and artificial intelligence technologies. This follows the $50 million of funding they have already provided for research at Stanford and MIT Universities. The new move will see them take their efforts in the fields to the next level. Continue Reading