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Developing more sustainable manufacturing techniques

Axion Polymers, a UK plastics recycler, has urged the automotive industry to simplify the materials used in vehicle development. There are currently no realistic ways to recycle or reuse the modern, highly technical, lightweight composite materials used in vehicle design, meaning that they are likely to be simply scrapped once the vehicle has reached the end of its useful life. They hope to encourage manufacturers to consider developing more sustainable options which can be recovered and reused in the future. Continue Reading

How will the automotive industry in the UK look in five years?

The automotive industry in the UK is enjoying an exceptional period at the moment, with high demand for British vehicles around the world. The conditions have led to an increase in production and resulted in manufacturers announcing £2 billion of investments in 2015 alone. More automotive products are now exported from the UK than ever before, accounting for an impressive 11.8% of all exports. Continue Reading

Sustainability brings success

The importance of sustainability is something we hear and read about a lot, whether it’s a story about the economy, the environment or any other business-related topic. When developing our motor trade recruitment processes, we are always focused on ensuring sustainability in every way possible. Continue Reading

Using technology in automotive recruitment

Many of us will buy a device such as a smartphone or tablet on the basis of the many incredible tools and apps they offer, yet we still end up using the same ones over and over again. We all know that the technology available today offers us some powerful tools to achieve better, more efficient results in our work, yet there’s a tendency to stick with the way we have always done things. In the business world, this is perhaps most visible in the process of recruiting new staff. Continue Reading

The true importance of the motor industry

The British automotive industry is going from strength to strength, with each passing month over the course of the last five years reflecting higher and higher sales levels. While the industry brings significant value to the economy in itself, it’s important to be aware of how success in this industry provides the platform for success in others. This is most visible in the number of jobs created. Continue Reading

New developments in the world of recruitment

As a dynamic and modern agency, we always make sure to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to recruiting for motor trade jobs. We have always led the way in automotive recruitment with our innovative personality profiling process, and we continue to do so by always making use of the latest technology and methods available to us. As the industry continues to thrive and more staff continue to be recruited, we are looking forward to all the advancements the next few years will bring us. Continue Reading

How our testing process can benefit you

When we are recruiting for automotive jobs, we use an in depth personality profiling process using state of the art tools. When this stage of the recruitment process has been completed, you will be provided with a detailed report containing the information we have gathered from this testing. Continue Reading

Rising new car registrations led to a record-breaking September

There were 462,517 new UK car registrations in September this year, making it the 43rd consecutive month of market growth. The total number of cars registered in 2015 so far stands at 2,096,886 which reflects a 7.1% increase from the same point last year. It also marks the first time since 2004 that the 2 million mark has been surpassed in September. Continue Reading

Enterprise Zones creating new jobs in the industry

24 areas across England have been designated as Enterprise Zones since 2012. This essentially means that anybody who starts a business in one of these areas will benefit from government incentives, including business rate discounts, superfast broadband, a simplified process when applying for planning permission, and tax reliefs for certain businesses. The aim of the initiative is to encourage new enterprises and job creation, and it seems that the scheme has been successful so far, with thousands of jobs being created. Continue Reading

A new approach for vehicle sales

Lookers is one of the leading dealer groups in the UK. They operate from 120 different sites and employ over 6,000 people in a variety of sales and support roles. The company is set to grow even further after purchasing Addison, the parent company of Benfield Motors for £87.5 million. The purchase brings together two companies with a similar ethos about customer and employee care. Continue Reading