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A new Ford manufacturing project for Bridgend

More and more automotive companies are taking steps to meet the needs of a more environmentally conscious customer base, and Ford are no exception. Their engineers in Essex and Germany have been working on a new generation of petrol engines designed to make more efficient use of fuel, cutting down on costs and helping vehicle owners to reduce their carbon footprint. Continue Reading

IAC’s UK expansion shows high confidence in the domestic market

One of the leading automotive and commercial vehicle interiors supplier, International Automotive Components, is currently celebrating the expansion of its manufacturing footprint in support of UK customers. The company has highlighted its confidence in the UK’s supply base with the Vice President of Engineering Europe for IAC praising the agility of the UK market. Vice President Mike Clowry has referenced the challenges facing UK suppliers and the balance achieved between a swift response and quality output. Continue Reading

Coping with increased technology in the automotive industry

Technology has become firmly embedded in daily life, and this can clearly be seen through the facts and figures which have emerged from the automotive industry. Over the course of the last decade the amount of software, electronics and technology in cars has greatly increased. This figure is likely to increase even more dramatically over the next decade, with over 90% of all new features and innovative designs for cars coming in the form of new technology and electronic, software driven designs. This is a result of designers seeking to embrace technology to enhance designs and to meet the demands and expectations of consumers. One of the effects has been to change the dynamics of automotive jobs, altering their definition. Continue Reading

Embracing the changing face of the industry

All businesses have to change and adapt to meet the requirements of new demands, circumstances and challenges in order to thrive. Strangely, however, there sometimes seems to be a sense of reluctance in changing and adapting the one key process which is essential for success – the way in which new employees are recruited. No matter how far demands, expectations and capabilities change, there tends to be some resistance to moving away from the traditional approach to appointing new staff. Our work in motor trade recruitment has shown that greater success is possible through a different, more innovative approach. Continue Reading

Telesales and marketing executives

Struggling to get out of bed in a morning, trudging to work for another day with your nose pressed to the grind stone? Same people, same old place, same process, just another day? Then read on. As an experienced Telesales Executive this fresh opportunity has enough flavour to put the spice back into your daily routine.

A vehicle remarketing company based in Leeds are seeking self motivated, inspirational, Telesales Executives to help create and promote weekly online auctions, cold calling new buyers whilst maintaining and developing existing customer relationships. You will be required to generate and research your own leads and solve complex marketing challenges.

Does this sound like the new and exciting break you’ve been looking for? Then put some spring into your step and some sunshine into your day before Winter bites and contact us today.

The right candidates will be rewarded with a basic salary of £15,000 with on target earnings of up to 20%. Excellent career progression and a vibrant environment. Monday to Friday 9-5.30.

If you are interested in applying, email Alex Frear at [email protected]

Taking a proactive rather than reactive approach

Recruitment is one of the most important issues to consider in any automotive business, from manufacturing facilities to car dealerships. No business can function without quality staff, but many companies only engage in reactive recruitment – that is, they wait until an employee leaves or a vacancy opens up in their business before they start looking for a recruitment consultant or searching for new staff. Continue Reading

BMW increases its volume to secure further market success

BMW has been focusing its attention on producing a collection of compact cars. The line-up is steadily growing and attracting consumers from other volume models of a similar size, with the increase being the strongest throughout Europe. Vehicular technology has come on leaps and bounds over the past few years, and manufacturers are now able to produce cars using common architectures which allows them to enter new segments and substantially broaden their range. This kind of advancement has seen BMW expand their 3,5 and 7 series to include 1, 2, 4 and 6 models as well as the X products and other specialities. Continue Reading

Continued sales growth shows the health of the UK automotive sector

August was a strong month for vehicle sales in the UK, marking the 42nd consecutive month of growth in the industry. The rise for August was 9.6%, taking the total number of new car registrations to 1.6 million for the last eight months. This number is the highest since 2007, exceeding expectations, and further growth is already being predicted. Continue Reading

Mercedes manufacture their revolutionary GLC model

Mercedes has announced that it fully expects its latest compact SUV model, the GLC, to generate higher sales than the GLK it will replace. This is due to the introduction of additional comfort features, an overall softer design and the availability of right-hand drive in key markets. Mercedes has focused on improving on the boxy GLK by working on a more car-like design that will appeal to a wider demographic and attract more potential buyers. Continue Reading