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New site developments in North East Lincolnshire can go ahead

Planning permission has been granted for Greatline Developments Ltd to reconfigure and extend a site in Stallingborough, North-East Lincolnshire leading to the prospect of over 100 new jobs being created in the future. The company works as car importers and processors for the UK’s largest supplier Paragon Automotive. Continue Reading

Operating on the front line of automotive recruitment

In recent years, a skills shortage has put the automotive industry on the back foot when it comes to finding the right candidate for the right position. Those who have the right skills and experience are becoming more and more sought after, and it is important to place these candidates in motor industry jobs where they will thrive, succeed and make a valuable contribution to their role. We have been at the forefront of recruiting for the automotive industry in Britain for many years, and we do all we can to ensure that our clients receive the best possible individuals to fill their vacancies. Continue Reading

Exciting opportunities for engineers

The automobile industry is a very attractive prospect for people from a wide variety of backgrounds, whether they are interested in engineering, sales, insurance, design, motorsports or any other related field. The sector remains one of the largest employers in the UK. Companies are constantly searching for talent to help them in the push to develop more efficient, greener vehicles. Continue Reading

Affordable batteries could make electric cars available to everyone

The sale of electric cars increased substantially in 2014, but in comparison to traditional vehicles that run on fuel, they are not as popular amongst consumers. The primary reason is the higher cost and charging power of their batteries. Supporters of the Electric Vehicle movement claim that high-speed charging technology is the way forward for electric cars, and a way for them to become the long-range alternative to conventional motor vehicles. The purpose of the EV is to offer an ecologically sound method of transportation, but consumers naturally focus equal attention on affordability and long-term value. Continue Reading

Working in the Welsh motor industry

Wales has an interesting automotive industry. It has fewer actual vehicles than any other part of the UK, and a big name producer has never been based there. Even with these facts, the sector employs some 16,000 people, primarily involved in the manufacturing of components. Continue Reading

Could flying cars become a reality?

The automotive sector has seen countless advancements over the years, with driverless cars being one of the most significant innovations in recent times to be backed up with genuine testing and prototypes. However, there is always going to be the question of “What’s next?” One company, Terrafugia, has been working on a prototype, named the TF-X, of what could be the next advancement for automobiles: the flying car, once confined to science fiction. Continue Reading

New technology for vehicular servicing and repairs

One of the most important aspects of the automotive trade is the trust between consumers and manufacturers. The images of the dodgy dealer adjusting the mileage or the mechanic exaggerating how much work your vehicle needs have been out of date for quite some time. Our lives now run on digital devices, and when it comes to having our vehicles serviced and repaired, several major manufacturers are embracing technology to offer their valued customers complete transparency and establish trusted relationships. Continue Reading

UK car production reaches a seven year high

As it stands, the automotive industry seems to be undergoing a renaissance, showing that it remains a titan in the British economy. More good news is coming that continues to position British car manufacturing in an excellent light. Figures from June highlight that car manufacturing has reached its best first half of a year since 2008, and the figures are certainly impressive. Continue Reading

Keeping automated cars safe from cyber hackers

Premier automobile manufacturers such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz continue to compete against each other on the technological front. The automotive industry is soaring forward and the new generation of automated cars are great cause for excitement. Major manufacturers are embracing technological advancement and automated cars are fast becoming a reality. Continue Reading

New offices for ALD Automotive

ALD Automotive is responsible for managing more than a million fleet and leased vehicles in over 37 countries around the world. They are the second largest company of their type in Europe and strive to constantly offer the best level of service to all of their clients, be they large or small. Continue Reading