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Recruiting in high value sectors

Recruitment strategies come in many different forms, depending on the needs of the company at that particular time. There isn’t a single solution that will work for everybody and a great deal of thought needs to go into deciding what is needed and how it can be achieved. One of the biggest challenges is deciding where to position adverts to ensure they attract the right people. This will depend on the sector they are in and the particular role in question. Continue Reading

Placing jobseekers in roles where they will flourish

When it comes to the automotive industry, businesses need the best possible staff for the task at hand. The sector is constantly competing with businesses across the world, which means that only the best candidates are required when it comes to hiring. However, far too many recruitment sites focus on every type of job and don’t specialise in one specific field. This means that practically anyone can apply to jobs where highly and specifically skilled individuals are required. At John Gibson Associates, however, we have fixed that by providing a specific platform for motor trade recruitment, helping businesses to find the best possible candidates for their vacancies. Continue Reading

New car registrations ensure continued growth

The UK automotive industry continues to grow, recently recording its 39th consecutive month of growth. This highlights the resiliency of the industry and just how well it is weathering a period of economic uncertainty. With growth continuing to steam ahead, it is clear that the omens are good for the automotive industry. Continue Reading

BMW announces plans for world’s first self-parking car

BMW is set to become the very first manufacturer to produce cars that find parking spaces for themselves. The company has launched a major collaboration with leading analyst providers INRIX to launch the industry’s first revolutionary on-street parking solution. The planned project will enable BMW cars to analyse location data, pricing, local rules and real-time traffic and mobile data in order to allow drivers to locate available parking spaces. Continue Reading

Continued success for Jaguar Land Rover

Following the announcement of its fifth year of growth and a 5% increase in pre-tax profits to £2.6 billion, Jaguar Land Rover is undoubtedly one of Britain’s biggest export successes. The company has sold almost 500,000 vehicles over this five-year period, with more than eight out of ten of these cars being sold overseas. During the last financial year the company unveiled three new Jaguar models, revenues reached £21.9 billion and the sales and employment figures doubled. Continue Reading

Finding your new automotive career with our help

We take a very thorough and careful approach to recruitment for all kinds of automotive jobs. When it comes to the automotive industry, a key contributor to the economy of the UK, skilled workers are crucial, whether the position is in regards to sales or manufacturing. We take a great deal of pride in our work, consistently ensuring that businesses within the industry receive the candidates that they need. With the industry facing a skills shortage, our team are working tirelessly to ensure that all businesses receive the highest quality staff for their organisations. Continue Reading

Raising your profile in the eyes of prospective employers

Over the last few years, the number of people looking to find automotive jobs and careers has notably increased. For the most part, this is down to the impressive levels of growth experienced in the motor industry over the course of the last decade, with new sales and exports driving businesses forward to ever greater success. This growth has seen something of a skills shortage emerge, with many attractive positions needing to be filled. Getting the very best people into these positions is crucial to continued success, and finding them can be quite a challenge for companies. However, those companies who use and trust our service know that it doesn’t have to be difficult. Continue Reading

Working as a car sales executive

There are a wide variety of automotive jobs on the market today, including the position of car sales executive. These executives are at the forefront of selling vehicles, winning over the customer, finding the right car for their situation and ensuring that they make a purchase that works for them. It is an important job that every dealer depends on. Continue Reading

Supporting every branch of the automotive industry

We are frequently asked which area of the automotive industry is the most important or crucial to the sector as a whole. We pride ourselves on our reputation as the most respected automotive recruitment specialists in the UK today, and we got to this position by knowing and understanding that every single area of the industry is of equal importance. Continue Reading

Falling Russian car sales could mean a boost for the UK car industry

Vehicle sales in Russia have been in a state of decline since the final quarter of 2014, and tumbled year on year by 38% in February. This dramatic fall denotes the most substantial drop since 2009 and is a result of the failing Russian economy and its increasing progression towards recession. The fall is expected to offer the currently booming UK car market an additional and unexpected boost this year. Many industry experts are predicting that European car production could be diverted to right hand drive for the ever growing UK market. Continue Reading