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Fiat Chrysler calls for mergers across the industry

Fiat Chrysler Auto-mobiles (FCA) have renewed their call for more merging within the global automotive industry. In a recent report, it was stated that core components such as transmissions and engines should be shared between manufacturers to move the industry forward into the future. Continue Reading

Four tips for recruiting the right sales staff

Vehicle sales is a highly competitive market, and companies need to be on the ball if they want to stand out from their competitors. Your sales team will play an essential role in creating an impression for prospective customers. If the wrong impression is created, you could find them heading to competitors rather than buying from you. You need to ensure you recruit the right people and check carefully to make sure they will present your business in the best light. Here are four recruitment tips to help you get the perfect sales team. Continue Reading

Gearing up for the Motor Trader Industry Awards

On Wednesday July 8th, the Grosvenor House Hotel in London will once again play host to the Motor Trader Industry Awards 2015. The illustrious ceremony has been held in the Great Room of this historic venue for the last 22 years, and it is always a glittering night for the automotive industry. Grosvenor House has been frequented by royals, celebrities and business leaders since its opening in 1929. The gala dinner is undoubtedly the biggest night of the year for the retail motor industry as it celebrates the best practice in the car retailing sector. Continue Reading

Giving our clients the best possible base of candidates

The UK automotive industry is one which continues to grow with every passing year. The automotive industry runs on talent and innovation, and every year, new staff are required to allow automotive businesses to flourish. At John Gibson Associates, our deep seated passion for the industry and our background in it mean that we are proud to offer extensive automotive recruitment services for all of the clients who come to us for assistance. Continue Reading

Using personality tests as a hiring tool

Many company owners regret their employment decisions. There are various possible reasons for this. During the interview process, you may be overwhelmed with applications, especially since there is an average of 24 applicants for every single vacancy. Additionally, it can be difficult to fully understand a person and their working abilities in one interview, or even a series of interviews. As a result, often many companies hire employees that do not turn out to be a great fit for the company. The price tag associated with a ‘bad hire’ can amount to a few thousand pounds, leading to unwanted expense and inconvenience. Fortunately, personality assessment tests offer a cost-effective and efficient hiring tool that will be fair for all applicants and optimise your chances of hiring the right person for the role. Continue Reading

Using marketing principles to create recruitment plans

Recruiting the best staff for motor trade jobs is very challenging, and the hiring process needs to be carried out carefully. Before you get started you should ensure you have a clear objective in mind, whether it is expansion, investing in the future or replacing a member of staff who is leaving. When you fully understand your aim you can set about devising a recruitment plan. Continue Reading

Car sales continue to soar despite election unrest

Six of the last nine general elections coincided with an interruption to new car sales. This year’s election, however, resulted in no such spike as political uncertainty had zero impact on the UK demand for new vehicles. In fact, April’s registrations exceeded industry expectations and reached a record high. We saw the strongest April since 2005 and the figures highlight the continued growth in customer confidence in spite of the uncertainty regarding the election. The new UK automotive market is fully expected to keep thriving and continue to create a world of employment opportunities. Continue Reading

Meeting the demand for skilled staff

The automotive industry is currently experiencing a boom. For the beginning of 2015, the automotive industry has highlighted its resiliency and has delivered results that are incredibly impressive. In a thriving industry like this, there is always the need for highly qualified staff to fill in vacant positions. When manufacturers need to fill in their vacancies, they can depend on our team at John Gibson Associates to provide them with highly trained candidates. Continue Reading

Preparing for interviews with prospective employers

We don’t only provide companies with a professional automotive recruitment service; we also strive to deliver useful support and guidance for those searching for their perfect career position. We make sure that all applicants are suitable for specific roles before they get to the interview stage, but it still pays to prepare before you go for an interview. Here is some advice to optimise your chances of impressing your interviewer and landing a great role. Continue Reading

Is the NECC plan coming to fruition?

The NECC has taken steps to improve unemployment numbers in the North East by launching their “more and better jobs strategy”. The campaign was designed to attract more employers to the region and create jobs, thereby reducing unemployment and helping both businesses and individuals to thrive. Continue Reading