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Internet connected cars: the next step into the future

Recent years have proven exciting for the automotive industry. Having recovered from the initial slump that it suffered during the beginning of the global economic crisis, the resilient industry has began to rebound. Across the UK, car sales are up and automobile manufacturers are enjoying quite a successful year. There are also many new developments, such as the introduction of driverless car trials, which we wrote about in a previous blog. Another technological advancement that is being talked about is cars which are constantly connected to the internet. Continue Reading

Supplying the finest candidates to a prosperous industry

The automotive industry is laden with national symbolism. If we look back to the sixties, we see images of E Type Jaguars and Minis. However, if we fast forward a decade, we see the crash of the booming UK automotive industry under the weight of industrial strife. The seventies brought strikes and inconsistency and the sector seemed to be in a state of permanent decline. Today tells a dramatically different tale. High tech production lines across the UK are producing three cars a minute, which highlights the astonishing resurgence of the UK automotive industry. Continue Reading

The booming automotive sector needs talented individuals

Recently released figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders reveal that the UK car market has grown for the 36th consecutive month. February is typically one of the quietest months of the year as we await the March number plate change, but this February saw the market grow 12.0% with a total of 76,958 new registered cars, which signifies a rise of 8.3%. This increase was driven by fleet buyers being responsible for 19.9% of registrations in February. Continue Reading

Boosting automotive manufacturing in the North East

The North East of England is already synonymous with car manufacturing and automotive jobs thanks to the successful Nissan plant in Sunderland. This success has brought more attention to the region, and has led to the creation of a new organisation that seeks to attract more businesses and improve regional competitiveness. It also aims to reduce the supply chain, offering savings to manufacturers if they choose to base operations here. Continue Reading

Geneva plays host to the world’s premier motoring show

The Geneva Motor Show is set to take place from the 5th to the 15th of March. This year is the 85th anniversary, and it will once again showcase the latest supercars from designers like Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin and McLaren. The beloved Morgan will make an appearance with their new model. Borgward will also appear, providing visitors with the only view of the reincarnated brand they’ll get before their new car is officially unveiled. NanoFlowcell will be unveiling their Quant F, a brand new take on energy storage technology that is already generating great interest. Continue Reading

Heralding the future of automotive design

The UK automotive industry is constantly innovating, and in recent times, those innovations are arriving in the form of driverless cars. The driverless car industry is expected to grow significantly across the next few decades as more and more countries get involved in investing in these new vehicles. Continue Reading

High skilled jobs in the automotive sector

The automotive sector in the UK is highly developed and features some of the most cutting edge companies in the world. The market is a leader in green technology, amongst other developments, and businesses based here are constantly looking for the next technological developments that can give them an edge over competitors. Working in motor trade jobs is demanding but is fantastically rewarding, giving people the chance to build amazing careers. Continue Reading

New IMI accreditation scheme for car sales staff

The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) have launched a new accreditation scheme for car sales staff in the past month, aiming to set professional standards for those in sales to coincide with their existing customer service accreditation. Many top motor manufacturers including Mercedes-Benz and Vauxhall have taken up the scheme, and it is said that a number of other car makers and dealership groups are also looking into the possibility of the new programmes. It’s expected that over the course of the next few months, more than 5,000 applications will be made for the scheme, which is available at senior sales executive and executive levels. Continue Reading

Electric car development in the UK

As the automotive industry does all it can to minimise its impact on the environment, there is a lot of focus on electric cars. These vehicles, which don’t emit harmful emissions, are becoming a focal point in Britain’s automotive industry. In the UK, electric car growth has been notable over the past few years and a number of incentives have been deployed to encourage people to adopt them. Most recently, the Government has created a sizeable funding pot to make the adoption of electric cars a lot more practical. Continue Reading