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Psychometric testing can help secure your ideal candidate

Psychometric tests are designed to identify an individual’s personality, aptitude or ability, and have been used in recruitment for many years. In fact, a large majority of FTSE 100 companies use psychometric tests to find the best candidates. Throughout the years these tests have constantly developed and changed. In a majority of cases today, tests are undertaken online. They’re often used as a form of preliminary screening by many companies and come in a few different forms. Continue Reading

How personality testing can help you

During a job interview, first impressions matter. While your interviewer has already seen your career on paper, they want to know that your personality and approach will fit in with their business and work well. However, many people find that they are nervous in their interview, meaning they are unable to convey their real personality and leading to an unsuccessful application. If you have found that this is the case for you, you may benefit from online individual personality profiling. Continue Reading

Tips for sales interview success

Working in sales is always demanding, especially when the company you work for sells complex products like industrial machines or vehicles. When it comes to these jobs, you need to know everything there is about the product so you can answer questions and provide customers with all of the information they need. Nothing will put people off more quickly than finding out that the seller has insufficient knowledge to help them. As well as being knowledgeable, you also need to be able to build a rapport with clients quickly. Continue Reading

Working with Jaguar as an apprentice or graduate

Jaguar Land Rover is an esteemed company keeping alive two of the famous names in British automotive history. For several decades, they have been titans on the world stage of automobiles, creating easily recognisable cars which are renowned for their looks and performance. For many people, motor trade jobs with Jaguar Land Rover can open many doors in terms of a career, and working for a company that was ranked 16th in The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers for 2014 is certainly an attractive prospect. Thankfully, there are a number of avenues that you can take to assist you with securing a job with this company. Continue Reading

Do you have a candidate attraction strategy?

Recruiting high quality personnel is a challenge for employers, especially when you consider the competition for the most talented people and the sheer number of applications you’ll need to sift through. Attracting people in the first case can be tough and you’ll need to make sure you get the job advert correct. A candidate attraction strategy will help you to maximise your potential for getting the right people interested in your automotive jobs. Continue Reading

Car production in the UK at seven-year high

Figures have shown that car plants in the United Kingdom produced the highest number of vehicles since 2007 last year – 1.5 million. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) have credited this increase to the higher demand for premium brands such as Land Rover and Jaguar, with annual sales increasing by 1.2%. With so many new vehicles being produced, it stands to reason that there will be more exciting opportunities in motor trade recruitment for those who seek an exciting new role in engineering and manufacturing. Continue Reading

Opportunities for specialist roles

When it comes to automotive recruitment, the industry is so varied that there are countless opportunities to find great jobs and build a fantastic career. There are so many different areas to specialise in that there are careers to suit practically any skill set. Here are some examples of specialist automotive jobs. Continue Reading

Ensuring the future of the automotive industry

We operate with a combined determination to deliver high calibre candidates to the automotive industry and successfully recruiting them for motor trade jobs. As the sector continues to thrive, the demand for first class individuals continues to rise. The sector sees ongoing developments in a vast array of areas, and the inevitable result is a greater need for skilled and motivated professionals. Continue Reading

The new technology of driverless vehicles

The motor industry is always introducing new features and new types of cars, but there is one new kind of car which is unlike any we have ever seen before. Driverless cars have been a hot topic in the news lately, with the government making plans to alter the Highway Code to allow them on UK roads this year. Continue Reading

Demand for cars grew substantially in 2014

Nobody quite knows what 2015 could bring for the automotive industry. However, as the economy continues to recover, demand for cars is on the rise, and this could mean a very healthy outlook for the industry within the upcoming year. Nobody should discount the fortunes of this pivotal British industry, and with steps being taken to entice more people into automotive jobs, it appears as if the industry is heading for another boom period. Continue Reading