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Overcoming the challenges of recruitment

Those who run a car body shop, motor trade dealership or car sales company will know the challenges that they’re faced with when trying to recruit quality candidates. If you have a vacancy in your automotive business and you are under pressure, you can alleviate the stress and worry with the help of a recruitment service. Many businesses have had bad experiences in the past with recruitment companies, meaning that they are understandably wary of using them again. However, we are different. We have set the benchmark in recruitment for automotive jobs, focusing exclusively on this sector and consistently delivering excellent results for both businesses and prospective employees. Continue Reading

Investment in skills will bring new jobs

2014 was an excellent year for the automotive industry, particularly in the UK, where sales of new vehicles continued to rise and the used car market strengthened further. Many large manufacturers including Aston Martin have already started recruiting additional staff to help cater for demand. Others like Jaguar are planning to hire in the near future as they consider launching new models of vehicles and building them here. There is much optimism for 2015 and the sector is expected to grow even stronger. Continue Reading

Recruitment opportunities for apprentices

Automotive companies attract a huge number of graduates and young people by offering apprenticeships and other opportunities to start building a career. There are many advantages to targeting staff in this way, particularly when it is unlikely that the market will be full of people with experience. With an apprenticeship, the employer can ensure you are trained to their standards and given the exact knowledge they need. It also means they can take advantage of the expertise of their existing staff and ensure younger employees get the best training. Continue Reading

New funding could lead to new opportunities

The automotive sector in the UK is one of the most valuable in terms of revenue and employs a huge number of people throughout the nation. Many choose to work in this industry because of the great career opportunities, fantastic salaries and chance to be at the cutting edge of technological developments. More jobs are predicted for the coming year, meaning many new opportunities in motor trade recruitment. There is also good news today about plans to accelerate career paths in the industry so people can progress more quickly. Continue Reading

Breaking into the automotive industry

A future in the automotive industry can certainly give a boost to your career prospects. The industry is a key part of Britain’s economy, contributing several billion annually to the country’s coffers. It is certainly one of our most treasured industries, having spawned automotive icons such as Rolls Royce, Jaguar and Aston Martin, and its importance certainly should not be understated. Though finding motor industry jobs can be a challenge, our recruitment experts are here to help. Continue Reading

Finding and retaining your ideal candidates

As specialists in automotive recruitment, we aim to make sure that both the employer and the employee are completely satisfied with the results of our recruitment process. For employers, successful employee retention is a big concern. As well as attracting and employing the best quality candidate for your role, you also want to ensure that you can keep them working for you, so you can enjoy long and successful working relationships with them and don’t risk having a high turnover of staff, which can take up a lot of time, effort and money. Continue Reading

Industry respected motor trade recruitment services

In 2014, The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders released facts and figures that highlighted the full scope and scale of the UK automotive industry. The UK is home to seven commercial vehicle manufacturers, seven volume car manufacturers and nine bus and coach manufacturers, meaning there is a huge amount of variety in the field of motor trade jobs. The country also boasts eight premium sports car producers and in excess of 100 specialist brands. Continue Reading

The benefits of IMI Membership

The automotive industry is a valuable asset to the UK and working in this dynamic sector can set you up with a job for life. In today’s economic conditions, however, we understand that it can be somewhat difficult to find a job within your chosen industry. Though many automotive companies are looking for new blood to ensure the future of the industry, you need all the extra help available to secure a position that is right for you. We are experts in automotive recruitment and we will help you to take the right steps towards getting into the industry. Continue Reading

Focusing on improving the recruitment process

For a very long time, the techniques implemented to recruit candidates for motor industry jobs were entirely insufficient. The automotive industry offers vast opportunities to thrive and ascend and demands passionate and highly motivated individuals. We established our recruitment process to assist companies in their pursuit of the high calibre employees they really need and to help candidates find their perfect job. Continue Reading

Writing your CV

Your CV is, essentially, an advertisement of who you are and what you can bring to the job that you are applying for. As it will often be the first thing an employer sees about you, it needs to be an effective advertisement of who you are and the qualities that you can provide your potential employer with, making you stand out over the other candidates applying for motor trade jobs.

By fine-tuning your CV, you are maximising your employability. It should be well-written, with no spelling or grammatical mistakes, and should always place emphasis onto your positive qualities and the successes you have had. On top of this, you also need to consider formatting: this doesn’t mean adding a plethora of graphics, but instead formatting your CV neatly and in a way that is easy to read.

In terms of content, you should always include previous work experience. These days, employers are placing particular emphasis on experience and anything you can demonstrate that is relevant to the job will make you stand out to your prospective employer. Education is another area to highlight on your CV. When applying for motor trade jobs, those who have the right education will have employers gladly training them in the skills required for the job, especially due to the skills shortage afflicting certain parts of the industry.

By keeping your CV up to date and tailoring it carefully, you will definitely stand out to your potential employer. A good CV will certainly give you a good advantage and we can give you the tools required to get started in the automotive industry. We’re dedicated to automotive recruitment and aim to optimise the chances of every candidate getting a position that makes the most of their skills. From the moment that you upload your CV, you will have access to a plethora of exciting jobs within the automotive industry. Once done, our experts in automotive recruitment will also contact you to find out how they can help, ensuring that you can apply for jobs that are right for you.