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Vehicle damage assessors play an important role

If you’re looking for a rewarding new role in the automotive industry, why not consider a career a vehicle damage assessor? You’ll be helping drivers to stay safe on the roads and taking on challenging, exciting work while also enjoying the possibility for excellent wages and career progression. Continue Reading

A bright outlook for automotive recruitment

Lloyds Bank released a report about the automotive sector at the start of December. They had surveyed people in prominent roles at 100 manufacturers in England and Wales to obtain their views about what they believed would be in store for the industry over the next two years. The information in the document is very positive, showing that businesses in the industry expect growth in several areas, including turnover, product range and recruitment too. Continue Reading

The changing aftersales market

The aftersales car market in the UK has changed dramatically over the years. Traditionally consumers would head to dealers for all their needs, such as servicing, MOTs or repairs. Independent companies offering different services and better flexibility have given people more alternatives and brought about significant changes. This has seen the aftersales volumes of dealerships fall, creating big challenges for them if they want to compete. Continue Reading

Optimise your chances of successful recruitment

Many businesses hire what seems to be the perfect candidate, only to have to ask them to leave after less than a day in the job. While these kinds of stories can make for funny anecdotes in the future, in the present they are time consuming, discouraging and often costly experiences. Although it is not possible to ensure each and every job appointment is a complete success, it is possible to optimise your chances that a new employee will be the right person for the job. As specialists in automotive recruitment, this is what we excel in. Continue Reading

The Government extends the plug-in car grant to 2018

The grants that were introduced in 2011 to subsidise the purchase of electric and other low-emission cars are to be extended by a further two years. The announcement came as the Government faced criticism from environmental groups for the pace of its plan for compliance with EU legal limits for vehicle emissions. The extension of the grants aims to encourage over 100,000 consumers to purchase greener vehicles. Continue Reading

The London Motor Show will return in 2016

The last British motor show was held in 2008 at the ExCel arena in London’s Docklands. The subsequent economic crisis scuppered the next planned event, but a recent announcement by Prince Michael of Kent at the Guild of Motoring Writers annual awards dinner revealed plans for the launch of a major new motor show in 2016. Continue Reading

Government set to increase the number of apprenticeships for UK industry

A recent Government announcement to address the insufficient careers advice offered to 16-18 year olds has been welcomed by the Institute of the Motor Industry. The aim is to target the current vacuum of advice and support young people are receiving regarding their further career options and create a better strategy for careers provision. The chief executive of the IMI, Steve Nash, has said that the change cannot come soon enough and that he is extremely encouraged by the plans that have been outlined. Continue Reading

Life as a MET

Modern cars contain a high level of electrical and computer components. They have become so integral to the performance and features of a vehicle that today it seems hard to believe that cars ever existed without them. For example, many of today’s young and new drivers will find it difficult to imagine winding the windows up and down with a handle rather than simply pressing a button. Continue Reading

Finding engaged and motivated employees

It’s widely accepted that long term employment provides a strong foundation for business success. Studies have frequently shown that a characteristic which most successful businesses share is a low turnover of staff, with those appointed working to grow and succeed with the company. There is, of course, a difference between knowing this and being able to achieve it. Our work in automotive recruitment is focused on ensuring that appointments are highly likely to be long term ones. Continue Reading

Building the Infiniti Q30 in Sunderland

Nissan has reaffirmed their commitment to investing in the automotive industry in the UK by announcing the new Infiniti Q30 will be built at their plant in Sunderland. The model will be their first compact luxury vehicle and will also be the very first premium model they have manufactured in Europe. The move is a sign of the manufacturer’s confidence in the skills on offer in the UK. It also represents their belief in the location and the close links to the rest of the EU and US. Continue Reading