2015 was a record year for new car registrations

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New car registrations hit more than 2 million units in 2015, making it a record year in the car market. The success of the market has been so consistent that increases have been posted in all but one of the last 46 months. According to figures released by The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, last month was the biggest December ever, with the registration of 180,077 new cars reflecting an increase of 8.4%.

The last record-setting year was 2003, when 2,579,050 new cars were registered. 2015 did not only exceed every market forecast; it also outperformed 2003 registrations. The UK saw considerable growth across all sectors, with the demand for vehicle fleets being boosted by 11.8% to reach an all-time high of 1.3 million units. The private sector saw a rise of 2.5% and all fuel types reported considerable gains.

There was a substantial rise in the demand for alternatively fuelled vehicles, with a 40.3% rise. This saw AFVs secure the largest ever market share of 2.8% for a year. Plug in hybrids more than doubled and pure electric vehicles experienced an uplift of approximately 50%.

The staggering success of the automotive market in the last 12 months is a result of strong business and consumer confidence. Buyers in 2015 were able to benefit from low inflation and attractive finance deals to acquire some of the most fuel efficient and innovative vehicles ever released. The incredible growth of the last four years points to an extremely healthy future, and there is every reason to predict sustained growth throughout 2016.

One of the major benefits of strong car sales such as these is the long-term positive impact on the country’s economy. Every new car that is purchased requires regular servicing for many years to come, which serves as a positive indicator for the UK’s automotive recruitment market.

There are currently 200,000 people employed in the vehicle manufacturing sector in the UK, with 500,000 people occupying servicing positions. These numbers highlight the scale of the industry in the UK alone and the vast opportunities that await talented and committed individuals. We specialise in recruiting candidates for automotive jobs, and our proficient and professional services are favoured by a diverse range of businesses and individuals across the entire sector.