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Our personality testing service

During a job interview, it is often hard for the interviewer to see the whole person in such a limited space of time. What you say and how you act is extremely important because this is your opportunity to really how them what you have to offer the role, along with your CV and references. Many of those searching for motor industry jobs experience anxiety before an interview and sometimes this affects the way that they carry themselves. If interviews are a worry for you or you simply want to add an extra skill to your repertoire, our personality testing could help. Continue Reading

Skills recruiters will be looking for in 2015

The job market is very competitive at the moment, with numerous people chasing a limited number of roles. In popular sectors, there are likely to be hundreds if not thousands of applications for every opening. It can be challenging for candidates to make themselves stand out and grab the attention of interviewers. The ones who do this are the one who are most likely to succeed and find themselves returning for additional interviews and even securing the job. Continue Reading

Optimising your chances of finding the right role

If you are a high calibre professional looking for work in the automotive industry, or if you are just beginning your career and are seeking your start in the sector, you need to equip yourself with the best chance of finding the right roles. When seeking available positions in such a competitive sector, you need the support of a recruitment agency that is able to expose you to the largest range of automotive jobs online. Whatever your skills and speciality areas, uploading your CV to our site will afford you the best possible chance of securing a fantastic new position. Continue Reading

Why should you choose a career in the automotive sector?

As we focus exclusively on motor trade recruitment, we are always eager to help you take the next step into a career in this exciting and fast-paced field. The automotive sector offers many fantastic career opportunities, whether you’re interested in working on the sales and business side, or the actual manufacturing and mechanics of vehicles. If you’re considering your future, here are just a few of the reasons you should consider working in this industry. Continue Reading

Recruiting first class individuals

Automotive recruitment has been our passion for many years now. We formed our company in order to improve the insufficient recruitment techniques that were prevalent within the sector. The automotive industry offers countless opportunities, especially for passionate and highly motivated individuals. It offers the potential for career advancement and long term success, which is why it is important that the candidates we recruit have a genuine desire to contribute to the industry and the capability to empathise with and understand its internal logic. Continue Reading

Become an IMI member today for endless benefits

The IMI Professional Register is a database of individuals working within the automotive industry that are recognised by IMI for their expert skills, knowledge and experience. These are also the people who are continuously updating and refreshing their knowledge of the industry, showing commitment to their working practices. It’s a way of driving up the standards across the industry and provides customers with confidence in the services that they use. Whether clients are buying a car, taking their vehicle in for a service or looking to purchase a new mode of transport, they will know they are dealing with experienced and knowledgeable professionals. As you can see, being IMI registered can help businesses dramatically. Continue Reading

Helping to recruit the finest employees

We fully understand the frustrations of many individuals who are looking for the perfect role in the automotive industry. There are an abundance of skilled people who want jobs that will challenge their abilities and make full use of their skills. The upshot of this is that they will not look at certain job sites, as they do not advertise the kind of roles they are looking for. We are different, as we focus entirely on automotive and motor trade jobs, making us the first port of call for many high quality specialist candidates. Continue Reading

The industry needs skilled individuals

The manufacturing industry is incredibly strong, and is the heart and soul of Britain’s automotive industry. The industry contributes billions to the economy annually, and those with skills in manufacturing remain highly sought after. Initiatives are being taken in an effort to attract the relevant engineers to the right automotive jobs. Continue Reading

Choose the right channel to find the right candidates

Finding the right people to fill job vacancies is a constant challenge for businesses, particularly when you consider the level of competition in the market. Companies are all competing to find the most talented individuals for motor trader recruitment, particularly for those roles which require specialist skills or experience. This means companies need to carefully plan how their adverts are presented and where they appear. Continue Reading

The UK is set for growth in the automotive sector

The UK has a long history of manufacturing, but in recent years the economy has moved on from secondary industries to focus more on the tertiary (services) sector. Many companies relocated their operations overseas to benefit from lower labour and transportation costs. Even with these moves, there is still potential for the remaining industries, particularly in the automotive market. Demand for parts made in the UK is very high, and a recent report suggests there is a great deal of room for growth, particularly for companies supplying direct to vehicle manufacturers. Continue Reading