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Do traditional recruitment practices meet the needs of modern companies?

Traditional recruiting techniques can be time consuming and costly processes with no guarantees that at the end you will find the right employee for the job. In today’s market, job seekers have better technological knowledge so you can reach them more easily and take advantage of technology to attract their attention. This gives recruiters many more opportunities to attract the right calibre of candidates and fill roles with the best people. Additionally it also means you aren’t confined to using potentially costly job boards. Continue Reading

The benefits of using a recruitment service

We provide comprehensive help and assistance for companies seeking professional candidates for all types of motor industry jobs. Many companies across the UK rely on our services to keep their business fruitful and energetic by providing them with the very finest staff. A professional recruitment service such as ours can reap many rewards for your business. Here are just some of the benefits you could experience: Continue Reading

Why should companies use an agency?

Is your business seeking high-quality, experienced and qualified candidates for open positions? Traditionally, when seeking employees for openings, companies go through many tedious processes to simply advertise their openings, not even taking into account the application and interview stages. For many businesses, using a specialist recruitment agency such as ours can be the better option. There are many reasons why a company should favour the use of a recruitment agency rather than doing it themselves. Continue Reading

Taking a modern approach to recruitment

For almost thirty years, we have been focused on facilitating a superior employment process for automotive jobs. It was an alarming reality that the approach to sourcing suitable candidates for motor trade jobs was without any form of structure. We knew that the shortfall was proving to have a negative impact on the industry. The problems lay primarily in the fact that clients were never visited to ascertain precise needs, candidates faced no interview process, and very little effort was made to maintain communication with clients and candidates. Continue Reading

Preparing for an interview

As specialists in motor trade recruitment, we take pride in hiring the best candidates for all jobs that are advertised on our website. In order to ensure that all of our candidates are quality job material, we interview all of them. This is to ensure that our clients receive candidates that we believe are the best for the role and will provide useful contributions towards their workplace. If you pass our interview, you will also be interviewed by your prospective employer. Preparing for an interview and being mentally equipped with what to expect is highly important. Continue Reading

Sourcing high calibre candidates

To the best of our knowledge, there are around 720,000 people in employment within the automotive industry. 140,000 of them work in the manufacturing side of the industry, and 19,000 new jobs have been created at many facilities throughout the UK as a result. The industry itself has seen substantial growth over the last few years and has taken a leading position in the recovery of the national economy. We are in prime position at the forefront of the automotive recruitment sector and we have successfully earned our place here since we established our company over 25 years ago. We are dedicated to ensuring the continuing contribution to the evolution and expansion of the motor industry and as a result we specialise in the superior recruitment of candidates to all motor trade jobs. Continue Reading

The recruitment sector is showing sustained growth

The recruitment sector is showing fantastic growth according to figures obtained in a recent survey by Deloitte. The UK Recruitment Index 2014 provides an insight into the performance of recruiters over the last year and is based on feedback obtained from more than 150 different specialists involved in the sector. The evidence shows strong performance and more optimism about future growth. The most revealing figure is that 69% of the firms surveyed reported an increase in net fee income. On top of this 30% of recruiters based solely in the UK were planning to expand to new markets overseas, taking the opportunity to seek new opportunities. Continue Reading

Youth employment and the automotive industry

Unemployment amongst young people is high across the country. According to the IPPR, 868,000 people aged 16 to 24 are currently unemployed, showing that the unemployment rate for this group is at 17.8%. This is an issue which needs to be addressed. Many automobile manufacturers and employers are taking steps to attract young people into this burgeoning pillar of the UK economy. With jobs and apprenticeships supplied by a wide range of manufacturers and companies, there is hope that the automotive industry can help with the recruitment of young people. Continue Reading

Leaders in the motor industry recruitment trade

The motor industry has seen substantial growth in the last few years, and the result of success in any sector is a demand for employees with excellent skills and abilities. We understand that not only do you seek the most talented team, but a motivation to succeed as individuals is hugely beneficial as the most driven employees consistently prove to be assets to your business. When we formed in 1987 we had a very clear vision. We were frustrated by the lack of adequate recruitment processes within the industry and we specifically set out to rectify this. Continue Reading

Addressing the gender imbalance in the industry

The motoring industry hires tens of thousands of people in the UK. The industry also makes up roughly 10% of all UK exports, adding several billion to the economy annually. As we can see, it is an incredibly important industry but one which, sadly, is often seen as a predominantly male-centric industry. It is because of this that the motoring industry needs to take steps towards actively attracting and employing more women. Historically, many women have been employed in the industry and attitudes are indeed beginning to change, but more needs to be done to ensure women can feel open and free to take on automotive jobs. We hope to address these issues and help to achieve greater equality in motor trade recruitment. Continue Reading