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The motor industry is one of the leading providers of apprenticeships in the UK

Research and development is vital to the motor industry as companies seek to find the newest technologies and ideas to gain an edge over competitors. As well as technology there is also a huge push to find the most talented people, whether it is designers, engineers or support service personnel. To help them find these people many manufacturers offer apprenticeship schemes where they can nurture talent and invest in the next generation of employees. Continue Reading

Recruitment specialists you can trust

The UK automotive industry is continually moving forward and the demand for candidates for motor industry jobs has risen over the last few years. This is largely due to the fact that progression within the sector has moved us away from the methods that were at one point implemented for recruitment. When it comes to employment the standards held by recruitment agencies and professional outlets should be as high as possible in order to source and locate the best candidates. The automotive industry is a highly competitive arena, and we are the recruitment agency that knew the particular processes in place when we began were less than sufficient. Continue Reading

Exciting opportunities with one of the most renowned British car makers

Aston Martin is a brand that is globally recognised and respected across the world. These British car makers have been producing high quality cars since the production of their first car in 1915 and have seen worldwide fame. Aston Martin cars have been featured in the James Bond film series, with the DB5 being the chosen vehicle of the eponymous agent. Aston Martin cars are considered the pinnacle of luxury and are now available across the world, loved by all. Motor trade jobs with Aston Martin are sought after, with the brand being so renowned across the world. As the specialists in automotive recruitment, our experts can advise you of your options in regards to finding employment with this great company. Continue Reading

How a focused recruitment agency can help you find the right person for the job

When it comes to hiring the right people for automotive jobs, many organisations struggle with the prospect of having to carry out the extensive search that is often necessary to successfully find the right candidate. What many people are unaware of is that when a job vacancy gets posted, many of the applications received tend to be irrelevant to the role. For this reason, an initial application filtering task has to take place. Continue Reading

Finding a career in automotive sales

The automotive industry is driven by salespeople. The most successful automotive salespeople are skilled and charismatic individuals who are concerned with ensuring that their customer gets the best service and gets the car that they want. Salespeople understand that the best way to earn profits is to give the kind of stellar service that will have their customer recommending their friends and family to the dealership. Whether selling new cars in a high-profile dealership or selling second hand cars, working in automotive sales is demanding but very rewarding. Continue Reading

Find motor industry jobs with our recruitment service

If you have been searching across the internet and through the press for the perfect motor industry jobs but have not found them, it is most likely because you have not signed up with John Gibson Associates. With over 25 years of outstanding service in automotive recruitment, our reputation is such that many of the leading companies in the industry now use our skills on an exclusive basis to make sure they secure the best staff. Uploading your CV to our website and being represented by us is the best way available to you to find the career you want. Continue Reading

Finding professionals with the personality to match your company profile

Since we were formed in 1987, we have been pioneers in the UK employment sector by embracing personality tests and profiling as a means to bring about more successful employment practices. Whilst this approach has become quite commonplace in the years since, we remain peerless in our ability to appreciate and apply the insights, knowledge and information attained from this testing. Our effective use of the results from personality testing has been a contributing factor to our company being regarded as the leaders in automotive and motor trade recruitment. Continue Reading

The UK has a thriving motor industry

The UK is home to countless companies involved in the motor industry, ranging from manufacturers to service providers and research and development departments. There is also a long history of motorsport here, covering everything from Superbikes to Formula 1. This makes the job market in the sector both large and fast paced. With the surge in new car purchases over recent years there are also more and more openings being made available at many different levels, meaning there are good opportunities for people in search of motor trade jobs. Continue Reading

Raising the bar for recruitment

John Gibson Associates formed 25 years ago with a very specific intention. We could see that the automotive industry was severely lacking when it came to sourcing suitable candidates for employment roles within the sector. Job seekers and clients alike were undoubtedly feeling the frustration of the substantial holes in the system. Complacency can become commonplace and with regards to recruitment the standards of practice were responsible for the substantial shortfalls. It is a staggering reality that potential candidates faced no process of interview prior to being sent to job interviews and there was no system of communication in place between the agencies and their candidates and clients. Continue Reading

A specialist recruitment company is a great choice

Around the world, there are many well established job agencies offering their services to various industries. As reputable as these companies may be, agencies dedicated to a specific sector always win in regards to the level of candidates they present to their clients.

One of the reasons is that career oriented individuals are more likely to register with a specialised type of agency which will offer them with an opportunity for growth. This mode of operation does not only benefit candidates, but also the companies who hire them. Continue Reading