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We are driven by the ambition to make your recruitment process succeed

It has been reported by respected news sources such as the Financial Times that UK car sales have experienced a month-to-month increase for the 29th consecutive time. This news has been warmly welcomed by the automotive industry. However, it is tempered by the knowledge that such levels of growth are simply not sustainable, and at some point our economy is going to experience a drop in car sales figures. The best way to counter this and to be prepared for it is to ensure that you have the very best sales and service staff appointed for your business. We can be your strongest ally in making sure your automotive recruitment process ensures you have the best staff in place for tougher times. Continue Reading

JGA delivers by providing an effective answer to all automotive hiring requirements

Hiring personnel for motor industry jobs can often be a substantially difficult task, in particular if you do not have an in-house human resources department to coordinate and carry out the job. Finding the perfect candidate is a challenging process, and one which must be done correctly to ensure success, otherwise it can become a frustrating experience. Without the right strategies in place, it is unlikely that the right candidate will simply step in and dazzle with their talents and skills. Continue Reading

Britain’s motor industry is booming

Whereas many believe we should be cautious in considering the UK economy to be in a growth period, the facts and figures emerging from the automotive sector are only saying one thing. In terms of vehicles and cars, Britain truly is booming once again, meaning that the signs are showing motor trade jobs are on the up. All of the information and figures released show that we can indeed be confident in continued growth in this sector. This growth, of course, means a great need for qualified, dedicated staff to be employed and ensure success. AT John Gibson Associates we have long held the name of being the best in the business to ensure the finest staff are employed. Continue Reading

Helping candidates to find their ideal roles in the automotive industry

Are you looking to make a change in your career, want to move up to a more challenging position, or are you in search of your first job in the automotive industry? These days, it may seem difficult or even impossible to find the job you are looking for. You want a role that challenges you, interests you, and makes the best use of your skills and talents, and that’s not always the easiest thing to find. If you’re in search of automotive jobs, we can help you to find the role you are searching for here at John Gibson Associates.

There are many benefits to be enjoyed when you decide to work with a recruitment company like JGA rather than going it alone. As we specialise in automotive jobs and recruitment, we have a targeted field of interest and plenty of experience in this particular field. This puts us in the best possible position to match the right employers with the right people and ensure that both sides are completely happy with the results.

Unlike some other recruitment agencies, we take the time to get to know candidates and will discuss your needs with you to ensure that we can provide the most effective help to enable you to reach your goals. Please upload your CV with us and you will then be able to search the widest and most varied selection of jobs within the automotive industry. Many of these companies advertise vacancies exclusively with us, which means you will have unique access to exciting new career opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise have had access to.

We add new jobs every day and offer the widest variety of choice, from small independent companies to some of the best known names in the automotive industry and everything in between. Recruiters know they can rely on us to supply them with the most outstanding candidates for all kinds of automotive jobs, so what are you waiting for? Start your job search with us and maximise your chances of finding a great new role in this exciting and ever changing industry.

Things to consider before undertaking motor trade recruitment

Having quality employees is absolutely crucial for the success of any business, from the smallest new start-up to the largest and most well-established company. When you are looking to hire new employees for your business, there are always a few questions you need to ask yourself to ensure that you are going to achieve the results you want and find the right candidates for the position. When you have all these factors worked out, you can enjoy a greater chance of successful motor trade recruitment process that will provide a real advantage to your business.

– Are you equipped for new employees? Before you begin hiring, you need to have the necessary steps in place for them to start working with you. Will you have to provide them with training before they can begin work? Do you have the facilities in place for this? Do you have management strategies in place to ensure that everyone knows their role and is fulfilling it correctly? This is a particularly important consideration for new businesses who are just starting to hire new staff.

– What is the precise role you need your new employees to fill? Assess your business and everyone’s role within it to work out what kind of staff you really need. Think about skills which your business currently lacks and this will help you to target the right candidates and determine if they have the skills you are looking for.

– What kind of skill level are you looking for? Do you want a highly experienced, fully qualified person to fill the role so you won’t have to guide them in any way, or are you open to taking on enthusiastic but less experienced staff who will learn on the job?

– Will the person fit into your organisation? Interviews are important because they give you a chance to get to know the character, values and personality of the person before offering them the role. it’s important that a new employee will fit into the team well and complement the business.

– What can your business offer to the employee? Rather than simply considering what the employee can do for you, think about what you can do for them. Think about the unique selling point of your business and consider the positive aspects of work you can offer to your new candidates. If employees feel happy in their role, respected by their employer, and feel as if they are making a difference to the business, they are more likely to work well and remain in the position for a long time.

The UK plays a pivotal role in the automotive industry, particularly in terms of research and development

The automotive industry is one of the fastest moving in the world, especially as manufacturers continue to look for new ways to improve efficiency, performance and comfort. The UK plays an important part in the sector as it is home to some of the most cutting edge research and development centres. Many high profile companies have facilities conducting research and testing here including Ford, BMW and Nissan.

Amongst the biggest developments in the automotive industry in recent years has been the rise in electric technologies. A great deal of effort has gone into the design and manufacture of hybrid and electric vehicles as companies look for a sustainable alternative to the use of fossil fuels. Consumers can see the improvements in technology that have been made by the fact that more and more manufacturers are introducing vehicles with these new power systems.

One UK based company in particular has found a great deal of success in the field. Johnson Matthey Battery Systems (formerly known as Axeon) is the leading provider of lithium-ion batteries and charging systems in Europe. They work primarily in the automotive sector but also offer solutions for mobile technologies and power tools. Their UK based operations are focused on delivering safe, effective, high voltage automotive grade batteries for vehicle manufacturers around the world. Producing over 70 million cells a year they sit right at the forefront of both production and development.

The reason the UK is such an attractive place to base research facilities is the easy access to a highly trained labour force. The well established infrastructure is also a bonus because it helps reduce set up costs and gives producers easy access to distribution networks.

As R&D continues more jobs are created that help to stimulate the economy. There are a number of opportunities to start a new, exciting career in the automotive development sector. If you’re interested in motor trade jobs or involved with a business and require help with automotive recruitment, we can provide all the help you need to locate the perfect position or the ideal candidates.

Social media is an important tool for business recruitment

In recent years it has become clear that for younger job candidates in particular, social media is becoming an increasingly important tool. More and more people are using sites such as Facebook and Twitter for professional networking and finding new positions within all industries, including the automotive industry.

According to new research by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, nine out of ten businesses are also utilising social media to look for new employees. Employers who are in search of fresh talent can use social media to their advantage, attract a wider pool of potential employees and ensure that they are finding the best possible people to fill their vacancies for motor industry jobs of all kinds, as well as increasing interest in their business.

As you can tell from all this, it’s obvious that businesses who want to say relevant in this ever-changing and evolving industry need to take advantage of new platforms such as social media websites if they want to keep up and employ high quality candidates.

At John Gibson Associates we are always making sure to stay ahead of the latest developments in recruitment and we make use of social media sites such as Twitter to get the word out about our clients’ job vacancies. This is just one of the many ways we explore every avenue to bring employers the widest possible selection of high quality, skilled and talented candidates in all aspects of the automotive industry.Social media is becoming increasingly important in recruitment

The current state of Britain’s automotive industry

In recent years, the automotive industry, like so many other industries, has been affected by the downturn in the economy. With austerity having hit our pockets, we find ourselves buying fewer cars. On top of this, there is a distinct shortage of skills within the industry itself. However, the automotive industry is now back on the rise. The British industry, which has given the world renowned brands such as Aston Martin, Bentley, Jaguar and Rolls Royce and world-famous cars such as the Aston Martin DB5, the Mini, the Rover P5 and the Lotus Esprit, is very much experiencing a surge in employment and manufacturing. Continue Reading

The automotive sector in the UK employees a huge number of people

The automotive sector in the UK is thriving and is creating more and more opportunities for job seekers. Whether it is engineering apprenticeships, sales roles or other support services, there are plenty of different career paths to choose from. According to the Automotive Council over 737,000 people are employed in the sector in the UK, making it one of the most important industries in the economy. Continue Reading

BEN offers support for people who have lost their jobs as a result of the collapse of Unipart Automotive

BEN, the specialist charity for the automotive industry, has urged former employees of Unipart Automotive to come to them for advice and support. When the car parts supplier collapsed into insolvency, 1,250 people lost their jobs, leaving many of them facing uncertain and stressful futures. In difficult times like these many people don’t know who to talk to and get help from. BEN is proud to support people affected by this issue, assist them in getting things in order and helping them to consider their plans for the future. Continue Reading