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Over two decades of automotive recruitment care and efficiency

25 years ago John Gibson knew that huge flaws were present in the automotive recruitment trade. He could see that vital elements were being overlooked and there was a substantial lacking in every area when it came to locating and securing suitable candidates for the motor industry. There was an established method of candidates being sent to job interviews and meetings with employers when they had been subjected to zero vetting. The entire process was devoid of efficiency and care and the result would be the recommendation of unsuitable candidates that had not even had their CVs authenticated along with their personal history and credentials. John Gibson Associates was formed with the specific intention of breaking this cycle and establishing a superior method of recruitment and we have been successfully providing only the highest standard of candidates to contribute to the 21st vehicle trade for a quarter of a century. Continue Reading

Lead provider of motor trade jobs for many potential candidates

Over the course of three decades, we at John Gibson Associates (JGA) have proudly become the leaders in the world of delivering the needs of motor trade jobs to a level which exceeds the expectations of both employers and potential, successful candidates for positions. At JGA our focus is on automotive recruitment excellence, ensuring that only the best and most appropriate of potential employees are presented to the distinguished, prestigious businesses and companies within the automobile industry; many of whom use our services exclusively to advertise and fulfil vacancies. Continue Reading

Motor industry jobs for all skilled and qualified automotive mechanics

If you are a trained and qualified automotive mechanic, or possess skills and abilities which have an affinity for any aspect of the automobile industry, it will not have escaped your attention that the most prestigious and prominent of motor industry jobs are seldom – if ever – advertised or listed in any general employment opportunities sections of newspapers or the internet. We at John Gibson Associate (JGA) are the reason for this being the case. Continue Reading

Finding incredible automotive jobs for many talented workers

For over a quarter of a century we at John Gibson Associates (JGA) have been a driving force in bringing about evolution in the way people think and most importantly, act in respect of finding candidates for car and automotive jobs. All too often in the past garages, service centres and sales showrooms were sat with the wrong staff members for their requirements, simply because no one was available to efficiently manage recruitment and placement. By the same margin, many talented car and automobile workers were employed in positions that did not harness their specific skills and talents. John Gibson decided to pro-actively address this deficiency and weakness in the industry by establishing JGA; a company dedicated to providing the optimal means possible to match the best candidates with the most suitable positions. Continue Reading