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JGA Wildlife…

motor tradeAs you may be aware, John Gibson Associates, are staunch supporters of wildlife preservation, and avid supporters of WWF.  The WWF have tracked the tiger populations in Nepal, protected vulnerable species from illegal wildlife trade and monitored critically endangered mountain gorillas amongst many other extremely worthwhile ventures. 

John Gibson Associates has adopted a tigress called Kamrita

Over the coming months we hope to be able to bring more news of Kamrita and her life.

And finally – he will be a ‘Whim Away’ from the YORK OFFICE…

Our Social Media and Marketing man Alex, who has worked in our offices in York for nine years, has decided to leave us and follow a different career in South Africa. Initially undergoing intensive 6 month training programme, before becoming a fully qualified Ranger. He has a passion for the environment and has enjoyed holidays in past years working on Safaris. 

We will all miss him and wish him the very best in his exciting adventure.

Automotive Recruitment – Staffing Statistics


In general demand for staff is on the up and in the last three months there has a marked increase for such a demand according to KPMG. The Chancellor, in his Autumn statement, was positive in his Statement laying out long term plans that focus on ensuring the UK economy continues to grow. 


According to SMMT figures, there are around 720,000 people employed in the automotive industry

140,000 of these work directly in manufacturing who have created more than 19000 new jobs at facilities and the supply chain over the last two years. 


Although women in the USA work in 25% of the jobs in the motor industry, the UK sadly lack behind that, with probably only 7% of jobs made up by women. 

With few statistics in the UK relating to women in the auto industry, the USA understand the empathy women have when dealing with women and there is a fact that 39% of women purchasing vehicles would prefer to deal with women in the car showroom compared with 10% of men who would rather deal with men according to Road and Travel Magazine. 

There, women who own dealerships tend to do well and several manufacturers report that franchises owned by women are at or near the top in overall sales volume. 

According to research as to why, the New York Times stated that “women have more empathy for customers and treat them right when they come into the dealership”. 

Interesting then to see GM have appointed Mary Barra as their CEO – she is a 51 year old GM employee of 33 years. Steeped in GM tradition, does she have the ability to continue the turnaround in the company’s future, who four years ago faced bankruptcy? With a background in engineering, plant experience, purchasing, product development and human resources, then coupled with a determination and the empathy for customers and customer care “watch this space”… 

Perhaps a successful reign will open the doors to other women in senior positions within automotive manufacturing and, who knows, perhaps a woman will eventually oust Jeremy Clarkson and topple his crown.

Automotive Industry – UK Motor industry hits 6 year high for production

“UK Motor industry hits 6 year high for production”

by Abby Brooke, Sales & Marketing Consultant, John Gibson Associates.

Car production in the UK is continuing to peak, with the latest figures by The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) revealing it hit a six-year high last year in rising by 3.1%.

A total of 1,509,762 million cars were produced in 2013, which was the highest volume since 2007 and worked out that a car was built in this country every 20 seconds.

The predictions for the future from industry experts are even bolder, with it estimated that 2 million cars will be built in the UK for 2017.

John Gibson Associates very own Regional Director, Richard Lebeter commented:

“It’s fantastic to see production hitting record levels since 2007. Back then I was a Dealer Principal myself and we enjoyed a buoyant period of new and used car sales. During my 25 years in motor industry management I can say with certainty that when we produce more vehicles, we sell more!”

Take advantage of the predicted sales booms and ensure you are staffed to cope with increasing levels of sales enquiries and opportunities to do business. Speak to us early and ensure you have access to the best talent in the market, not just the best talent on the market.

Automotive News – Nissan fuels a surge in UK production

“Nissan fuels a surge in UK production” 

by Abby Brooke, Sales & Marketing Consultant, John Gibson Associates.

Sunderland (United Kingdom) — Japanese carmaker Nissan officially launched production of its new Qashqai model last week, coinciding with a renaissance for Britain’s car manufacturing industry that is set to smash records in the coming years.

The second-generation version of the car is being built at Nissan’s main European plant in Sunderland, northeastern England, boosting employment at Britain’s biggest car plant.

The Qashqai, designed in Nissan’s London headquarters and originally launched in 2006, is a crossover that combines elements of a sports utility vehicle and a hatchback, and is the Japanese firm’s best-selling car in Europe.

“The Nissan Qashqai blazed a trail when we started production in 2006,” Nissan’s chief performance officer Trevor Mann told journalists gathered at a launch event in Sunderland on Wednesday.

“It invented the crossover segment, propelled the Nissan brand in Europe to a new level and helped our plant in Sunderland to set new standards in productivity and quality.”

Nissan hand-picked Sunderland in 1984 as the location for the facility, which now makes four different models — the Leaf, the Note, the Juke and the Qashqai — and has produced a total of one million vehicles over the last two years.

Since the Qashqai was launched, around 1.75 million units have rolled off the production line at Sunderland.

“Looking ahead, within the next year this new model will take (total) Qashqai production at Sunderland beyond 2.0 million in eight years — and this will be another new record for the UK car industry.”

This week’s launch will create another 500 jobs at the plant, where the total workforce will top 7,000 for the first time.

“We have a big factory, it’s competitive, it builds good quality (and) it’s cost effective,” said Kevin Fitzpatrick, VP manufacturing for Nissan in the UK.

He added: “It has been quite a year for us here in Sunderland. Twelve months ago we were celebrating setting a new production record (for 2012), as we became the first UK car plant ever to make more than 500,000 units in one year.”

Britain’s long-troubled car industry appears to be flourishing once again, with the help of foreign-owned automakers like Japanese pair Nissan and Toyota, and Indian-owned Jaguar Land Rover.

Something to shout about.

Something to shout about.

Perhaps it’s just the National mentality or the content of the media but it seems the British suffer selective blindness to good news even when it’s staring us in the face.

The media are always enthusiastic to cite the motor business on the front page, as a barometer when times are tough, but give them a success story in a panorama of pestilence and it ends up on page eleven in between obituaries and Sermon of the day.

We should rejoice in the huge success story that has been achieved in the UK car market and point out to our European counterparts that it is the UK motor trade that is leader of the pack when it comes to selling new cars, the Europeans  may have cornered the market in straight EEC specification bananas, but in making magic out of adversity we really do have something to shout about

It’s a similar scenario in recruitment, listening to and reading the media, the UK job market is bereft of opportunity, but for us finding high calibre people for our clients is becoming an increasing challenge, our business was up 40% in 2013 over 2012, which reflects the motor industry’s 21st century demands for outstanding people, and demand exceeds supply.

We interview all of our candidates prior to referring them to clients, and the attrition rate, the ones who may have found any number of jobs ten years ago, no longer make the grade, we and our clients, only want candidates who will bring a positive contribution to the success of their employer, the industry and our reputation.

Our Regional Directors, holding the John Gibson Associates franchise, echo the success we have seen, across the UK, and for those who embrace the business ethos on which we built JGA of consistency, integrity, candidate scrutiny and attention to detail, have enjoyed substantial reward. But just like our clients finding these entrepreneurs, is like striking Gold, but the profitability, long term sustainability and package mean we can be choosy, and are always happy to talk with those who think they make the grade.

Keeping our light under a bushel, being very British, very modest may be the National personality, but I for one am very proud and happy to be in this industry which deserves to be an example for National adulation.


John Gibson
Managing Director
John Gibson Associates